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How do I Build a Successful Knolwedge Management Business Case for our Contact Centre?

KPS  have written a white-paper which offers  practical advice on how to create a robust business case for knowledge management with specific reference to a contact centres environment.

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KPS provides call centre efficiencies to online retailer with Universal Knowledge

An established online retailer with a
number of global call centre sites sought to
maximise staff productivity and customer
service by introducing Universal Knowledge,
knowledge management software.

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Achieve better outcomes for Multi-Service Contact Centre Agents

Universal Knowledge was selected to ensure advisors could find the required information quickly to provide accurate information during that
important first contact.

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2017 Business Software Top 5 Knowledge Management Report

Begin your search for the perfect knowledge management system below. Compare leading vendors, pricing and product strengths in this Top 5 Knowledge Management Report.

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Discover how to enhance your ITSM ticketing tool with Universal Knowledge

Learn how to empower your analysts with a sophisticated knowledge base that has the most up to date and accurate versions of your information, increasing your first call / email fix rates and reducing escalations to second-line support

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Are you still producing manual FAQs for your website?

If you are still producing manual FAQ sections for your website then then your web self service offering needs to be dramatically updated and improved through KPS’s Knowledge management software.

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Do you want to resolve your customer enquiries the first time they contact you?

Quality and consistency of knowledge and information is paramount within Call centres to enable excellent customer service, is your Call Centre Knowledge enabled?

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Do you want to manage your internal organisational knowledge more effectively?

Are you working in an organisation that has information silos? Do you want to manage your information more effectively and understand what information the business needs on a daily basis?

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Education knowledge management solutions

Download: White Paper – Helping Universities to Save Money and Improve Student Services

The recent upturn in university enrolment numbers has lead to the need for changes to be made when providing a service to prospective students and their parents. On top of this higher education institutions are also finding ways to better serve their current students whilst also reducing funding expenditure. This white paper explains what is being done to tackle this challenge:

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Download: White Paper – Knowledge Management within the Travel and Tourism Industry

Customer service has become paramount for travel companies looking to secure business in a market that has seen radical changes over the past ten years. What measures are travel companies taking to keep one step ahead of their competition when engaging with current and potential customers? For more information download our white paper:
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Download: Case Study – SRO Improve Business in Offshore and Marine Sectors using Knowledge Management

SRO Solutions deliver leading asset management solutions, focusing on the three main sectors of Transportation, Offshore Oil & Gas and Manufacturing & Production.The SRO portfolio includes: software, consulting, support, training and bespoke development as well as two unique solutions for Maximo: SDR and SDU.
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Download: White Paper – Microsoft SharePoint and Knowledge Management Systems

What is the best solution for capturing and sharing knowledge across the organisation. Comparing SharePoint and specialist Knowledge Management Software may miss the point. The question is how to get the best from both to enable effective knowledge access. This white paper explains how.
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Shop Direct Case Study

Download: Retail Customer Service Process Case Study

With more than 1500 individual processes to manage and the only process information captured in excel, contact centre operator Serco and on-line retailer Shop Direct urgently needed a solution for managing their knowledge base. Learn how this challenge was addressed:
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Download: Fact Sheet – Microsoft SharePoint a Choice for Knowledge Management

SharePoint may be used to capture and share a wide range of information within organisations. Does this make SharePoint a suitable choice for knowledge management? Study our fact sheet to get answers to this and other related questions:
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Inner Circle Guide

Download: Your Inner Circle Guide to Self Service

With the multichannel revolution taking place across the contact centre industry, this guide covers channel trends and mix by industry sector, service applications and end user drivers for adopting self service…
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Serco Public Health Advice

Download: Case Study – Knowledge Management in Public Health Contact Centres

Highly trained staff delivering complex public health related information differs to what you would expect to find in a “typical” call centre. This case study explores how advisers have been empowered to deal with complex queries…
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Download: White Paper – Self Service User Adoption

Driving adoption, using a carrot or stick? This white-paper explores getting the user experience right and promoting the opportunity to self-serve to all users at all stages of the support interaction. Implemented effectively self service helps the user…
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Business plan for knowledge management

Download: White Paper – Creating a Business Case for Knowledge Management Software

Driving adoption, using a carrot or stick? This white-paper explores getting the user experience right and promoting the opportunity to self-serve to all users at all stages of the support interaction. Implemented effectively self service helps the user…
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Download: Case Study – 24/7 IT Service Help-desk Implementation

Using a knowledge management tool removes the need for expensive night shifts to provide IT support. Devon and Cornwall Constabulary were able to remove the expensive Service Desk overnight shift by introducing a knowledge base enabled self-service…
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Support Desk

Download: White Paper – IT Service Desk Knowledge Management Solutions

Time, Resource, Cost, Service, The pressure on the IT service organisation are ever-growing. Could IT service desk knowledge management be part of the solution? This white-paper explores how to address and overcome these and other related challenges on the modern IT support desk…
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Download: Case Study – Contact Centre Adopts Knowledge Management Solution

This dynamic outsourcing contact centre has knowledge base technology at its heart. The owners are extremely proud of their growth over the last 10 years and have won a number of ATA awards for service. Learn how they adopted knowledge base software to achieved this…
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