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With the multichannel revolution taking place across the contact centre industry, your potential customers are voting with their feet and will pursue the service channel and supplier that serve them best. Every customer service operator should be asking:

“What are the trends and statistics for using self-serve in your industry?”

Working with CONTACTBABEL the contact centre industry expert, KPS has commissioned a report on how self-service is evolving.  Key findings in the report include user adoption trends by industry, growth applications for self service and key industry drivers behind the migration towards self service.


The Questions:

 Working with our clients and other organisations in the contact centre industry we formulated a series of questions subsequently answered through contact centre industry expert CONTACTBABEL. The questions focus on understanding the opportunities, and challenges arising from a move towards self-service delivery:


– How do we engage team members who are concerned that self-service is being used to replace their jobs?


– How do we show to our board that self-service is more than just ‘nice to have’? What metrics should we focus on improving?


– How can we migrate customers from automated service to live service as required, while maintaining continuity?


– How can we manage the challenge of legacy systems where a lot of our information reside?


For each question the report details answers backed by industry data and research. Most importantly the report shows the trends on how self-service is being adopted across contact centre industries and which channels are preferred by customers.


How to Address the Challenges

 Having clarified the industry trends the report goes on to examine technology and delivery options for each of the key channels. This includes detailed reviews with tips and recommendations for how to optimise service delivery across web, mobile web, Interactive Voice and social channels. This review include perspectives on how to integrate the delivery of customer service across multiple channels


Multichannel Customer Service is here to Stay

The report concludes that the growth rates and trends in customer service and contact centres are pointing towards multichannel delivery. The operators that integrate their delivery to offer a seamless interface will increase service quality and customer satisfaction while reducing delivery costs.

This summary is just skimming the surface. For anyone facing multichannel service delivery this comprehensive 95 page report is essential reading. Download your copy now:

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