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Our Knowledge Management System will increase productivity,
reduce operational costs and provides a more extensive customer service offering

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About Knowledge Powered Solutions Ltd

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since 2004

Knowledge Powered Solutions (KPS) offers Knowledge Management Solutions which empower employees and improves customer service for organisations across the globe.

KPS Knowledge Management Software is being used as a core tool in many areas including internal employee sharing, Contact Centres, Service Desks, Web Self Service and Shared Service Centres. Our Knowledge Management System will increase productivity, reduce operational costs, improve customer service and empower organisations to truly leverage their corporate knowledge.

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Natural Language Search

Ask questions in your own words

The powerful proprietary Natural Language Search technology in the KPS knowledge base system empowers agents, customers and employees with instant knowledge, by understanding the context of a user’s question. Users’ feedback is used to train the knowledge base system with each interaction, this self-learning ensures a constantly evolving understanding of the context of questions and provides the most accurate search results ranking, without the need for manual tagging of content.

An image of a content author
An image of a content author
Content Creation

Powerful knowledge creation and capture

Knowledge can be referenced externally with existing documentation being indexed using powerful spidering tools without the need for it to be moved or duplicated. This enables your organisation to rapidly deploy the knowledge management system and quickly begin realising the benefits.

Content can also be created internally as needed through a quality controlled approval process, mapped to your processes. Highly configurable templates can be defined, ensuring consistency of structure and style.

Experts can be defined who can be alerted to knowledge gaps and can review and respond to feedback from users.

Collaboration / Sharing

Engagement platform for everyone

Use your knowledge management system to push out important notifications to customers and employees. From news items to required reading, you can control the content and the audience who will be targeted. For agents or internal employees, you can audit trail who has received and read the information, ensuring full traceability of shared content. Discussion forums within your knowledge base software encourages informal sharing of ideas on content or topics, with additional subject matter expert discussions for sharing ideas before formalising content.

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Reporting / Analytics

Valuable insights on your knowledge demand

Understanding the usage of your knowledge base system is key to its continued success. From document usage and significance reports to search success rates and automated knowledge gap identification, Universal Knowledge provides the insight required to ensure the content is fit for purpose and that users are engaged and finding the right information for their needs.

Our Customers & Partners

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‘Universal Knowledge provides us with an easy to use content creation tool, in addition to us being able to incorporate existing forms of knowledge. The ability to use a natural language search against very
technical information and provide access via our website will be key to us continuing to provide world class support to our customers’.

SRO Tony Lackey, Managing Director SRO Solutions
An image of our partners logo - Contact 121

“The beauty of the KPS system is that it is so simple to use and administer yet delivers so many benefits through our outsourcing operations.”

Contact 121 Martin Bill, Managing Director

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