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Save time and resources by creating a seamless interface between our web self-service knowledge management system and your company website or service desk self service tool to improve your 24/7 customer experience.

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Web Self Service Solutions Benefits:

24/7 Customer Service

Provide your customers with a web self service help desk that serves their requirements around the clock

Reduced Operational Costs

By allowing your customers to venture down the self service desk avenue a significant volume of unnecessary customer calls are deflected

Improved Accuracy of Responses

Natural language search technology powered by a self-learning system ensures that the right answer is given at the right time

Consistent Answers across Multiple Channels

A comprehensive web self service solution at the heart of customer service operations ensures that customer service is never compromised

Unparalleled customer satisfaction

Providing the right answer at the right time via the most convenient route enables industry leading customer service

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Web Self Service Solution Features

An image of natural language search

Natural Language Search

Universal Knowledge’s powerful search

An image of Universal Knowledge reporting

Manage and Curate

Self Service software which allows for multi level segregation of content topics

An image of Universal Knowledge capture

Knowledge Capture

Embedded images and videos will bring your content to life

An image of Universal Knowledge sharing


Automatically push notifications

An image of Universal Knowledge reports and insight

Reports and Insight

Report dashboards enable you to get a high level overview of your self service solution

Additional Web Self-Service features
  • An image of Universal Knowledge e-mail Auto-Email
  • An image of Universal Knowledge search Search
  • An image of Universal Knowledge discussions Social Media Integration
  • An image of Universal Knowledge tagging Mobile
  • An image of Universal Knowledge integration Decision Trees
  • An image of Universal Knowledge inspiration Self Service Portal
  • An image of Universal Knowledge reports and insight Reports
  • An image of Universal Knowledge chat Discussion Forums
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Utilise a self service desk to Reduce the volume of inbound customer calls and improve first contact resolution by automating your frequently email responses. Providing your customers with access to fast and accurate responses via email has never been easier and is a sure fire way to boost customer satisfaction.


Our knowledge management self service allows you to understand the context of your customers’ queries and provide accurate answers online first time through gearing up your website with our Natural Language Search technology. By providing the option of not using keywords customers can ask a question in their natural language and receive an accurate answer.

Social Media Integration

Social media has an ever increasing presence in today’s society so providing social media as a customer service channel has never been so important. Engage with customers and allow them to access a self service desk through a variety of platforms to increase the spectrum of which information is readily available.


Customers are increasingly expectant of being able to utilise today’s technologies and use devices such as smart phones and tablets to gain access to information. Implementing our web self service software ensures customer experience is the same from every device. Being able to apply a self service desk in this way , positively effects customer experience as answers are never more than a click away.

Decision Trees

Customers are increasingly expectant of being able to utilise today’s technologies and use devices such as smart phones and tablets to gain access to information. Implementing our web self service software ensures customer experience is the same from every device. Being able to apply a self service desk in this way , positively effects customer experience as answers are never more than a click away.

Self Service Portal

A highly visual self service portal containing modules such as automatic FAQs and hot topics provides your customers with a high level global view of your knowledgebase further decreasing the time spent to acquire an accurate resolution – all without the need for agent contact.


Understand your customer base at a global view using our inbuilt reports. Gain valuable insight into user behaviour and analyse searches by topics, resolution success and content usefulness. Effective measurement of your online web self service solutions is key to their continued success.

Discussion Forums

By implementing customer support forums experienced customers can feel part of the community by answering other customers’ questions and queries. Online community forums can act as a channel for consumers to participate in sharing ideas and the development of new products and services.

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Web Self Service Solutions Customers

An image of KPS partner - Agilisys
An image of KPS partner - RQTech South Africa
An image of KPS customer - Dhiraagu
An image of our partners logo - Contact 121
An image of KPS customer - Charles Sturt University
An image of KPS customer - Stanford Health
An image of KPS partner - Talisma
An image of KPS partner - NCC Group
An image of KPS customer - Serco
An image of KPS customer - United Health Group
An image of KPS partner - SRO Solutions
‘Universal Knowledge provides us with an easy to use content creation tool, in addition to us being able to incorporate existing forms of knowledge. The ability to use a natural language search against very technical information and provide access via our website will be key to us continuing to provide world class support to our customers’. SRO Tony Lackey, Managing Director SRO Solutions
an image of Knowledge Mangement

KPS have provided us with a much needed tool for both our internal agents and our customer base, to quickly resolve issues about their plans. Used both internally within our secure contact centre and embedded within our customer portal, Universal Knowledge by KPS allows us to ensure accurate and timely responses to our customers. With ongoing acquisitions and expansion, our knowledge base has needed to be flexible and scalable.

KPS have provided fast and efficient support and we look forward to continuing our relationship with KPS.

Pan European Financial Services Contact Centre Head of Customer Service
An image of our customers logo - Baldwin County
I could not be happier with our decision to use KPS Universal Knowledge in our contact centre. Our team is finding answers quickly enabling us to provide timely and accurate responses to the citizens of Baldwin County. Baldwin County Commission Shannon Spivey, Customer Relationship Manager Baldwin County Commission
An image of our partners logo - Contact 121

“The beauty of the KPS system is that it is so simple to use and administer yet delivers so many benefits through our outsourcing operations.”

Contact 121 Martin Bill, Managing Director
An image of KPS customer - IU Health
“Universal Knowledge has allowed the team to significantly improve the quality and service that we can provide, with a reduction in AHT and significant reductions in message errors and scheduling”. Indiana University Health Shelby Smith, Director, IConnect Patient Access Center (IPAC)

Enhance customer experience & Reduce overheads

The challenge for any business in today’s fiercely competitive market is to continually enhance the customer experience, whilst at the same time reducing overheads. No matter the channel, a premium standard customer service strategy must be underpinned by flexibility and consistency.

Deploying a KPS web self service solution within your customer facing website provides your customers with the ability to perform advanced natural language searches, whilst also allowing them access to a self service portal containing modules such as automatic FAQs and hot topics. Automatically escalate customer queries to the next relevant channel and store your customers’ full search history to ensure that escalating a customer enquiry does not compromise customer service.

An image of a content author

Deflect Inbound & Automate Outbound

Having a web self service knowledge base enables customers to choose the preferred path of online customer service with 70% of online customers expecting a superior online experience – a self service knowledge base allows you to provide just that.

Only 52% of online customers are able to obtain the answer to their queries through traditional keyword searches. The result of this? An unhappy customer and a costly call to the contact centre. Understand your customer by using advance natural language search technology to deflect costly inbound calls, improve first contact resolution rates and boost customer satisfaction up to 94%.

With Universal Knowledge web self service solutions at the forefront of customer engagement, not only can your organisation deflect a substantial volume of calls, but with auto email, you can now automate your email responses.

Using our auto-email technology, customers can now obtain a solution for those common and easy to solve enquiries via email with the added bonus of removing the necessity for agent intervention to answer their email allowing for an even further enhanced customer journey

One Touch Access

Knowledge management software is designed to allow your staff, citizens, clients and / or stakeholders access to the correct information at the right time, when it is convenient for them to do so through a web self-service portal.

With the correct security setting enabled, you can ensure that only information designed for the various parts of your organisation and their services are displayed, at the point of need, when the customer, client, member of staff or citizen is searching for that information using a question-based approach.


No longer do you have to meta tag every document to death!  You can provide better customer services, regardless of the route of entry i.e. internal or external entry to the information.

KPS web self-service software — Fewer calls, higher customer satisfaction rates

When your customers need a helping hand, it doesn’t mean they always need someone to talk to. In fact, most people now prefer web self-service to calling an agent, especially if they’re looking for basic information or how-to visuals. Provide them with this service at the time they need it, and watch your customer satisfaction soar.

With KPS self-service knowledge management software, your organisation can keep up with customer service trends and remove the crippling burden of too many calls. This translates into faster, more efficient service and fewer resources needed to ensure it

Trim your expenses with fewer agents on board and reduce the costs of maintaining your customer support systems. Universal Knowledge helps you save whilst making every interaction with a customer less burdensome.

Build a customer community on top of your web-based self-service

Universal Knowledge can double as a customer engagement tool. It allows you to set up a community forum where your customers can go beyond a web self-service help desk or FAQs. Once they access it, they can share their knowledge and connect with like-minded people — all without your agents.


By building such a close-knit community, you’re sure to:

  • Keep your customers engaged as they use your product or service
  • Let them help each other, reducing your workload
  • Collect experience-based insights to improve your offering
  • Red-flag issues that occur most often
  • Leverage a ready-made customer advocacy strategy


Your agents can still be around when an interaction makes sense. Those who are responsible for monitoring your community forum can join any discussion and assist customers on behalf of your organisation.

Customise your self-service system as you see fit

Whether you want to create multiple customer groups or add a brand-specific touch to your help desk interface, KPS self-hosted knowledge management software makes customisation a breeze. Unique configuration options are available for all businesses and include design and functionality.

We can also guide your IT specialists through the deployment process and provide comprehensive training. KPS can help everyone on your customer support team get a handle on Universal Knowledge and its unique configurations for your organisation. That’s how you know you can enhance knowledge management in your self-service system and provide a better experience for your customers once the software is deployed.

KPS knowledge management software is being used by over 100 organisations worldwide from the 311 systems in the US and Canada, to call centres in Australia, help-desks in the Middle East or as Dynamic FAQ’s on council websites in the UK.  The possibilities span every aspect of unlocking the knowledge from within your Information Estate within and across your organisation.

A Universal Knowledge demo is a great way to see how it works without any commitment. Go for it!

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