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Although fully featured in its own right, Universal Knowledge can be combined with other applications to deliver greater end-to end benefit.

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Universal Knowledge is effective either standalone or integrated, but you may be asking yourself ‘What benefits do I get from a Knowledge Management integration?’ The answer – simplicity. When undergoing a Knowledge Management integration with your current systems, the benefits of your current systems and the KPS Knowledge Management solution are reaped all from one seamless user interface whilst following processes that are already in place to encourage user adoption.


Not only does this make life easier for your agents

Help Desk

A Knowledge Management integration


CRM systems are ideal for storing customer information and notes

Websites and Self-Service Portals

Implant Universal Knowledge within your website.

Social Media

Universal Knowledge with social media allows you to optimise content


Knowledge Management Integration

Integrate our fully fledged Knowledge Management solution with a number of your current systems, including CRM, ITSM, Help Desk applications, company websites or social media platforms and gain further value from your IT infrastructure investment.

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