Ensuring the Knowledge Base is Fit for Purpose

Our Expertise, Your Knowledge Base

Because the design of a knowledge base should not be dictated by the vendor or restricted by the technology, our consultants work with you to design the best structure for organising, searching and controlling access to your particular organisation’s knowledge, across your entire information estate.

We will guide you through key design decisions, such as:

  • Where will knowledge be stored?
  • Who will have access to what knowledge?
  • Who is responsible for updating the information?
  • How will changes in information be managed?
  • What will the end-user, service agent or customer see when they access the user interface?

Focus on Skills Transfer

To ensure successful adoption, KPS’ implementation team focus on skills transfer right from the start. As we work closely with you to design the knowledge base, you become the experts in your own system so that by the end of the process you are confident to take full ownership.

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