Universal Knowledge – A Multi-Solution Knowledge Management Product

The KPS Knowledge Management product enables you to enhance internal and external customer service standards by providing a fit-for-purpose solution that can be deployed seamlessly across a variety of IT infrastructures.  Effectively manage your entire knowledge estate with ease and personalise your premium knowledge for each audience, to ensure that the best knowledge is shared without compromising  it’s security. 

Logically structure and manage searches from one access point in your Knowledge Management product.

Universal Knowledge Management products have state-of-the-art search engine functionality, allowing end-users to locate information easily and efficiently.

Leverage external knowledge repositories or create content internally through an inbuilt workflow process.

Push general updates or training materials with a full audit trail to identify who has read the information.

Understand knowledgebase use, missing knowledge and monitor user behaviour.

Knowledge Management Solution Features 

On top of its core components, Universal Knowledge management products have a wide range of features applicable to each solution. Follow the links below to learn more about our comprehensive Knowledge Management product and how its features can help to solve your business issues.

Deployment Options

Knowledge management product on premises


The KPS Knowledge Management product can be deployed within your very own business environment on your own cloud or hardware to give you complete control and piece of mind. With an on-premise solution integrations are simpler and your business sensitive content lies behind the safety of your own infrastructure.

Knowledge management product and cloud services


Looking for something simpler that requires fewer IT resources? Then let Universal Knowledge Management products do the hard work to handle your data on our secure hosted cloud platform. Cloud hosting is the ideal option if you require frequent up or down-scaling. 

A comprehensive set of APIs links KPS knowledge management product to your existing systems. This makes information available at the point of need, without needing to open a separate application to access it. By embedding our knowledge management product into your third party applications, you save time and ensure successful adoption. Customers also benefit, because they get the right answers faster. As a result, you both improve the customer experience and reduce operational costs.


Enhancing the incident, problem and change logging functions by providing immediate access to relevant knowledge will improve resolution speed, improve quality, aid adherence to SLA’s and reduce escalations in IT Service Management (ITSM) environments.

Help Desk

By integrating KPS’ Knowledge Management products with your Service Desk, you are able to provide agents with timely access to information from a wide range of knowledge repositories. Both internal and external knowledge sources can be included in the knowledge base.


Integrate Universal’s Knowledge Management products with existing systems such as CRM and avoid the need to duplicate efforts and interchange between applications. Agents have fast access to the knowledge they require at the point of need, reducing AHTs and ensuring successful user adoption.

Websites and Self-Service Portals

Seamlessly embed the KPS Knowledge Management product into your company website or web self service portal. Provide your internal or external customers with 24/7 access to premium customer service whilst retaining your corporate brand.

Social Media

Easily customise and post channel specific content via social media channels such as twitter, Facebook or community forums. Index information within social media feeds into Universal’s Knowledge Management product to make all your information searchable from one central repository.

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