Knowledge Management Services

KPS knowledge management services supports deployment and ongoing use of the KPS knowledge management software. The KPS team has extensive experience in design, configuration and deployment across a wide range of industries and applications.

Our Knowledge Management services are designed to ensure rapid and effective deployment and effective use of the knowledge management solution. Learn more about our services listed below or by studying our individual services pages.

Consultation: We help you introduce the best practice processes that will enable you to get the most from your knowledge management system. Technology is only the start. If the content isn’t fit for purpose, or there is no buy-in from the business, then the project will not be a success. We advise on how to integrate knowledge management best practice with your organisation. Throughout the consultation phase, we share best practices for the capture, reuse and maintenance of information.

Design: Because the design of a knowledge base should not be dictated by the vendor or restricted by the technology, our consultants work with you to design the best structure for organising, searching and controlling access to your organisation’s knowledge, across your entire information estate. We will guide you through key design decisions at each stage to ensure you achieve a robust and scalable design solution.

Configuration: Because no two organisations are the same, the knowledge management software is designed to be flexible, providing a large number of configuration options. This means you get a system that meets your needs, at an off-the-shelf price. You can deploy our systems fast and be confident to take ownership within days. As business needs change, you can easily reconfigure the software so it meets your new requirements.

Training: KPS adopt a skills transfer approach to ensure ownership resides with the customer and the system is successfully adopted. This means you are being trained from day one on the system’s key features and configurations. We then provide tailored training which consolidates the information gained during the implementation process.

Support: Our clients have access to vast resources of product and problem-solving information via a knowledge base driven by our own software. Combined with telephone hotline and email support from our customer support team we ensure queries are resolved quickly and effectively.

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