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Knowledge Management delivers efficiencies in Public Health Contact Centres

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Serco manages and delivers multiple health related services within a single contact centre operation. The delivery of multiple services meant that there was a requirement for a wide range of ‘subject knowledge’ pertaining to these services to be readily available and accessible from one place.

With subjects ranging from sexual health to substance misuse it was clear that the knowledge management system had to be capable of understanding both the terms used and the context of the question being asked and to ensure it provided consistent and accurate information every time a search was undertaken.


Empowering Highly Trained Contact Centre Staff


The adviser skill set within the contact centre, differs to what you would find in a ‘typical’ call centre. The advisers are highly trained in dealing with complex queries from citizens who require tailored and bespoke information and advice across a broad spectrum of public health topics. Empowering the advisers with the information they needed was therefore core to the implementation of the knowledge management system.


Choosing the Knowledge Management Solution


The KPS knowledge management solution (Universal Knowledge) was chosen due to its ability to search and find relevant information at the touch of a button across a range of disparate sources, ranging from public facing websites to internally held information.  This information could be found and utilised within seconds. Being able to migrate the existing information from an in house system and supplement this with the vast number of other knowledge sources that are available, was a key benefit. Other benefits included:

“Information could be found and utilised within seconds”

“Existing information could easily be leveraged, with minimal set up time”

In addition, the intuitive nature of the systems “Natural Language Search” allows advisers to ask a question in their own words. The agent can use a single word keyword search, or a more complex question, and still find the best match: the application using the question keywords and ‘learning’ acquired from previous questions answered. This was a real benefit for users!

Learn more about how the system was implemented to deliver a turnkey solution for the contact centre operator, download our Case Study:

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