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Are you still producing manual FAQs for your website?

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If you are still producing manual FAQ sections for your website then then your web self service offering needs to be dramatically updated and improved through KPS’s Knowledge management software. Universal Knowledge offers you the latest in search technology, self learning and fragment technology to help your customer and clients find the answers to their questions and queries quickly and easily.

Universal Knowledge for Web self-service solutions removes the need to create manual faqs – FAQs can be produced dynamically with ease, based on the actually frequency of queries asked and documents used, rather than presenting a static list of solutions which may not accurately reflect customer queries.

Customers want to find the answers to their questions and queries with ease, having good navigational websites is no longer good enough for today’s fast paced consumer. Enhanced customer interactions need to take place to stay ahead of the competition and stand out to the customer.

What happens when customers and clients can’t find the answer on your website? They often turn to other channels simultaneously because the time to find the answer is taking too long. Email communications have often been lagging in response times. Regardless of how customers are self serving they need to have consistent responses; with auto-email responses from the knowledge base, customers receive an instant response with potential solutions. A holding email suggesting that your organisation will get back to them in x days will only frustrate the customer , who does not want to wait days and hence will continue with their quest picking up the phone or turning to social media for an instant response.

Quality and consistency of knowledge across all channels from web self service through to agent response over the telephone – knowledge needs to be the same. A single unified platform provided by Universal Knowledge Management software should sit at the heart of customer interactions.

To find out how Universal Knowledge Web Self Service Software can support your business to enhance customer engagement, increase productivity and reduce operational costs download our brief overview here.

Alternatively view our software by arranging a free personalised knowledge manage software demonstration.

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