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2017 Business Software Top 5 Knowledge Management Report

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KPS is delighted to be once again chosen to be amongst Business Software’s Top 5 Global Knowledge Management Vendors for 2017. This is the second year running that Universal Knowledge has been chosen and is placed as the best knowledge base software tool for any organisations; small, mid-range or large. Universal Knowledge provides knowledge management software which allows organisations, departments or individual projects to create a fully functional knowledge base in line with their immediate business requirements, which can then easily grow accordingly.

Universal knowledge offers a feature rich and scalable knowledge base providing excellent ongoing value for any organisation that wishes to improve their organisational information and knowledge management sharing. For those organisations that understand the value and impact of creating and maintaining their organisational knowledge; Universal Knowledge represents an excellent investment opportunity for them to reduce any ongoing operational costs associated with time wasted finding and sharing information. By using Universal Knowledge base organisations will reduce operational expenditure, increase overall productivity whist also simultaneously improving any additional customer service facing activities.

Universal knowledge is used by many of its global customers across many different industry sectors, showing just how versatile this knowledge base is, with its easy to use and maintain design concept. Organisations now have the opportunity to use a flexible and highly configurable knowledge base; setting up the system with the support of our excellent knowledge consultants in line with any organisations business drivers.

With a new more intuitive interface than previous releases, Universal Knowledge represents a new era in knowledge management software. Personalised dashboard for each users, structured searching to complement our natural language search and fragment technology and a highly configurable knowledge portal for external users.

Universal Knowledge ensures that you can build a knowledge base in line with your knowledge management needs, without having to heavily customise the knowledge management software. This is one of the many reasons why Universal Knowledge has been selected to be amongst the Top Knowledge Management vendors in an ever increasingly competitive technology market.

Discover how you can utilise Universal Knowledge to build a knowledge base for employees, customers or contact centre/help desk agents that will help your business focus on making information organized and accessible.

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