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Do you want to resolve your customer enquiries the first time they contact you?

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Quality and consistency of knowledge and information is paramount within Call centres to enable excellent customer service, is your Call Centre Knowledge enabled?

Current digital transformation of the contact centre is enhancing the customer experience. This is only possible if agents have the tools and the information in place to enable them to provide consistent quality answers across all channels.

From simple questions to complex queries requiring decision tree style questioning the 21st Century agent needs to be able to provide quality and consistent answers, regardless of which channel the customer chooses to use; from traditional telephone contact through to social media engagement.

Any company wishing to provide excellent service needs to be able to have a world class knowledge management system sitting at the heart of its customer service engagement operations. With granular security within a single document, agents can be given access to the information which is relevant to them, whilst a web self service user may only see public facing elements of the same content. This makes it easier to administer and reduce operational costs from a content creation perspective. Easy to use templates, including author notes and optimisation of content for different devices allow for subject matter experts to concentrate on the content rather than the presentation layer.

An agent needs to be confident that the information presented to them is relevant and up to date. Content metrics are available every time an agent views a document, reinforcing to the contact centre agent that the answers that they are providing are correct. If content is not fit for purpose this can be reported back to the subject matter expert which feeds into their knowledge management workflow to create new or improve existing content.

To find out how Universal Knowledge Contact Centre Agent Software can support your business to enhance customer engagement, increase productivity and reduce operational costs download our brief overview here.

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