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Social media is changing the landscape of customer service at an ever increasing rate. Customers expect to both engage with your organisation and to self-serve through the channel of their choice.

Social media knowledge management involves the systematic organization, sharing, and utilization of information and knowledge within the context of social media platforms. Social media knowledge management is an evolving field, and organizations need to leverage the full potential of social media for knowledge sharing and collaboration. In customer service fields, this is of paramount importance for customer satisfaction and competitive advantage.

Social media also provides opportunities for augmenting and enhancing your knowledge base through crowd sourced content from forums and social media conversations.

With different channels requiring different responses, flexible knowledge management solutions are required in order to maintain these different responses in the most streamlined way.

Universal Knowledge by KPS provides templates which can have multiple sections for different audiences, ensuring only a single knowledge item needs to be maintained.

Timely access to relevant knowledge is key to delivering effective customer service. This apply regardless of channel. Pursuing an integrated strategy to multichannel customer service requires a solid foundation for the organisation’s knowledge base, through a social media knowledge management platform. The greatest opportunities for integration can be found in some specific areas:


Channel Specific Presentation of Content

Content managed within knowledge management software can be optimised for delivery via multiple channels. Working with configurable templates allows knowledge to be defined and selected to be appropriate for each specific channel. Knowledge can then be pushed out to customers in a format that is appropriate for the channel. This approach will allow the core knowledge base to be used effectively by a wider range of users across a wider range of situations.


Sharing Knowledge Across On-line Channels

Providing access to your existing knowledge base via established social media sites such as Facebook can be easily achieved. The prospect of sharing your organisations core knowledge through social media channels may initially be daunting. By using social media knowledge management tools to index and filter your content, you have full control over which content can be viewed in each channel. The benefit of well managed knowledge sharing is that social media users will gain access to relevant knowledge from your organisation using a social media platform of their choice.


Accessing and Sharing Crowd Sourced Content

Much information and knowledge sharing takes place outside of organisational control. This is particularly true for consumer products and services, where specialist interest websites and forums offer well indexed access to product reviews, Q&A, analysis, user guidance, fault finding and other detailed information. Tapping into to user generated and crowd sourced information is a huge opportunity. The challenge is to manage the flow of information to merge the existing internal knowledge with external sources.

The knowledge management tool provides the ability to include external sources of information, from forums, websites or social media platforms, which can then be indexed and searched as part of the knowledge base. Automatic index processes ensures only appropriate new information is posted on these channels is included as searchable knowledge.


Integrated Social Media Knowledge Management

KPS knowledge management software can be optimised for delivery of content via multiple channels. Configurable templates provide the ability to define knowledge appropriate for each of your chosen channels. Your knowledge base can then be pushed to your customers and users in the format appropriate for the channel.


Searching Social Media Content

KPS knowledge management solutions provide the ability to include external sources of information, from channels such as forums, websites and social media sites. The content can be indexed and made searchable as part of your knowledge base. The automatic index processes ensure any appropriate new content and information posted on channels you have selected will be included as searchable knowledge alongside your internal knowledge base.


Invest in Social Media Ready Tools

As the popularity of social media continues to rise, ensure your knowledge management investment take full advantage of social media opportunities. Knowledge management software provides the tools to ensure content is authenticated and fit for purpose for each of your customer engagement channels. The tools integrate seamlessly with your customer service desk applications to push knowledge where and when it is needed.


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