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Find What you Need… Using Your Own Words

KPS knowledge management software enables users to natural language search. All the user needs to do is to ask a question using words natural to them, and the KPS software will do the rest.

Through extensive natural language processing, our software allows users to cut through the jargon and ask simple questions that get in depth answers. With an understanding of how questions are phrased, a unique learning capability, and neural pattern matching technology, our software quickly matches users’ questions with the right solutions – no matter where this information is held within your organisation.

Search Results That Only Get Better

The technology behind our knowledge management software provides search enhanced by a self-learning capability which constantly improves the indexing based on how questions are asked and solutions are used. Users simply express their question using their own natural language, and a list of possible solutions is returned. Based on feedback, the software then tracks the response to the solutions presented, further refining the results of future searches.

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