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Tools for the Job… at Your Fingertips

KPS software is designed for ease of administration, resulting in a system you can maintain and improve with minimal effort.

Comprehensive out-of-the box reporting gives clear insights into what people are searching for, what they are finding, and what the gaps are. This enables you to plan effectively for content improvements and also identify staff training needs.

Make the Most Effective Use of Your Resources

Using the information provided by the reports, you can focus resources on the problem areas rather than wasting time creating and updating information no-one needs or uses. Where information is frequently requested, you can pro-actively help the user by pushing the information before searching, in the form of a template-based response.

Key maintenance features also include:

  • Simple content creation process, using templates and style-sheets to save time and put the focus on writing clear, useful and relevant material.
  • ‘In the workflow’ short-cuts that guide the content creator and save time while creating, editing, checking and publishing new content.
  • A simple but comprehensive security model that extends online (via LDAP integration). This manages access and visibility to content based on user credentials, so allowing the distribution of different content to different user groups such as service agents and self-service customers.
  • Automatic extraction of keywords and associated words without any manual intervention, meaning new content is immediately indexed and listed in relevant areas and content pages.

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