An Abundance of Information vs. What you need When you need It

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Web Self Service

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How can you offer a quick and effective way for your customers, clients, staff and stakeholders to find and share information more readily? The answer is by introducing web self service – we explore the benefits that this can bring.

An Abundance of Information vs. What you need When you need It

Information is everywhere, on demand 24/7 but the only information you want at any one time, is important to you.  If you can’t find the information that answers your enquiry at the point of need, then it is like searching for that needle in a haystack!  It could be something basic such as how to get rid of the annoying paper-clip in the ‘Word’ application from Microsoft, reporting a street light that doesn’t work to your local council or understanding why a piece of equipment isn’t working within your organisation.

To increase the productivity for daily tasks, it is essential that information is organised in a way that you can find it or through a system or application within your organisation, that allows you to do these things with ease.

One Touch Access with Web Self Service

Knowledge management software is designed to allow your staff, citizens, clients and / or stakeholders access to the correct information at the right time, when it is convenient for them to do so through a web self service portal.

With the correct security setting enabled, you can ensure that only information designed for the various parts of your organisation and their services are displayed, at the point of need, when the customer, client, member of staff or citizen is searching for that information using a question based approach.

No longer do you have to meta tag every document to death!  You can provide better customer services, regardless of the route of entry i.e. internal or external entry to the information.

KPS knowledge management software is being used by over 100 organisations worldwide from the 311 systems in the US and Canada, to call centres in Australia, help-desks in the Middle East or as Dynamic FAQ’s on council websites in the UK.  The possibilities span every aspect of unlocking the knowledge from within your Information Estate within and across your organisation.

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