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Web Self Service Solutions Benefits:

Figure to show how KPS web self-service solutions enable benefits for both a company and its customers

The challenge for any business in today’s fiercely competitive market is to continually enhance the customer experience, whilst at the same time reducing overheads. No matter the channel, a premium standard customer service strategy must be underpinned by flexibility and consistency.

Deploying a KPS web self service solution within your customer facing website provides your customers with the ability to perform advanced natural language searches, whilst also allowing them access to a self service portal containing modules such as automatic FAQs and hot topics. Automatically escalate customer queries to the next relevant channel and store your customers’ full search history to ensure that escalating a customer enquiry does not compromise customer service.


Deflect Inbound and Automate Outbound

Having a web self service knowledge base enables customers to choose the preferred path of online customer service with 70% of online customers expecting a superior online experience – Universal Knowledge allows you to provide just that.

Only 52% of online customers are able to obtain the answer to their queries through traditional keyword searches. The result of this? An unhappy customer and a costly call to the contact centre. Understand your customer by using advance natural language search technology to deflect costly inbound calls, improve first contact resolution rates and boost customer satisfaction up to 94%.

With Universal Knowledge web self service solutions at the forefront of customer engagement, not only can your organisation deflect a substantial volume of calls, but with auto email, you can now automate your email responses.

Using our auto-email technology, customers can now obtain a solution for those common and easy to solve enquiries via email with the added bonus of removing the necessity for agent intervention to answer their email allowing for an even further enhanced customer journey

Web Self Service Solutions Customers 

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Utilise a self service desk to Reduce the volume of inbound customer calls and improve first contact resolution by automating your frequently email responses. Providing your customers with access to fast and accurate responses via email has never been easier and is a sure fire way to boost customer satisfaction.

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Our knowledge management self service allows you to understand the context of your customers’ queries and provide accurate answers online first time through gearing up your website with our Natural Language Search technology. By providing the option of not using keywords customers can ask a question in their natural language and receive an accurate answer.

social media

Social Media Integration

Social media has an ever increasing presence in today’s society so providing social media as a customer service channel has never been so important. Engage with customers and allow them to access a self service desk through a variety of platforms to increase the spectrum of which information is readily available. 



Customers are increasingly expectant of being able to utilise today’s technologies and use devices such as smart phones and tablets to gain access to information. Implementing our web self service software ensures customer experience is the same from every device. Being able to apply a self service desk in this way , positively effects customer experience as answers are never more than a click away.

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Decision Trees

Our web self service software has the capability to guide customers through a decision tree process and record each step taken by a user to visualise their journey. Through the use of decision trees customers have the ability to self-serve their queries whilst ensuring that the rate of error within resolutions remains at a minimum.

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Self Service Portal

A highly visual self service portal containing modules such as automatic FAQs and hot topics provides your customers with a high level global view of your knowledgebase further decreasing the time spent to acquire an accurate resolution – all without the need for agent contact.



Understand your customer base at a global view using our inbuilt reports. Gain valuable insight into user behaviour and analyse searches by topics, resolution success and content usefulness. Effective measurement of your online web self service solutions is key to their continued success.


Web self service solutions discussion forum

Discussion Forums

By implementing customer support forums experienced customers can feel part of the community by answering other customers’ questions and queries. Online community forums can act as a channel for consumers to participate in sharing ideas and the development of new products and services.

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