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The best way to explore knowledge management software is by trying it out. You will get insights and ideas for how to implement knowledge management in your organisation. Learn more about how knowledge management software works. Let us demonstrate the benefits of features designed to make knowledge management easy and effective.

  • Improve service quality & consistency by dramatically reducing call escalations and staff errors
  • Reduce call durations and resolution times
  • Dramatically reduce staff training times
  • Introduce Self Service

What is Knowledge Management?

Originally conceived by Peter Drucker in the 1950’s, he was quoted saying “Information only becomes knowledge in the hands of someone who knows what to do with it”. Today Knowledge Management is a major concern of large and small organisations. In short, a knowledge management solution indexes information, allowing for filtering and prioritizing to present the most relevant knowledge for the situation. In addition knowledge management solutions provide the tool kit for other information management tasks.

KPS Knowledge Management

KPS is a leading provider of knowledge management solutions, with implementations used across the world in 10 different languages. The KPS solution’s strengths include its flexiblity: allowing it to be deployed across a wide range of applications managing any number of users. It provides functionality for internal content management, utilizing most data formats and reports to measure knowledge base usage as well as knowledge gaps.

KPS Knowledge Management Software Users:

Web self service users

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KPS knowledge management software is used as the core solution for enhancing service quality and delivery efficiency in IT Knowledge Management, IT Help Desk Knowledge Management, Help Desk Knowledge Management and Web Self Service Knowledge Management. Regardless of industry sector, knowledge source and format, a KPS knowledge management solution is quick to deploy and easy to maintain. Request a free demo and see how easy it can be.

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KPS Support

As well as providing knowledge management solutions, here at KPS we make it a priority to help with the planning and implementation of knowledge management software to make the process as seamless as possible. Throughout the entire process we build a working relationship through which we can provide training and advice.

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