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KPS Knowledge Management

KPS’ knowledge management solutions can be used standalone or integrated with a number of third party applications, to deliver knowledge to the hands of those who need it.

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From customer service to internal operations, Universal Knowledge provides end users with key knowledge across a range of channels to convey an unparalleled customer experience.

KPS Knowledge Management Solution


KPS knowledge management systems comprise of a standalone or integrated software solution to facilitate indexing, search and retrieval of information from across many sources. This enables end-users to work more efficiently when providing help and support or simply looking for knowledge to complete their daily tasks.

Our Knowledge Management System provides robust reporting functionality which allows you to identify your informations strengths and weaknesses, allowing for complete control over your content. The knowledge base content can be authored directly with our in-built create and edit tool allowing effortless refinement or content creation.

Our knowledge management solutions also enable you to push out your most recent news bulletins or required readings to both internal and external audiences, ensuring that everyone remains on the same page and knowledge is shared effectively within your organisation.

Tried and Tested Platform

KPS knowledge management solutions are built on a tried and tested platform, deployed across many industries and applications. Together with our core software, KPS offer implementation support from scoping, planning and deployment to training.

  • Can be used Standalone or Integrated.
  • Powered by Natural Language Search & Contextual Search Technology.
  • Self-Learning System: More usage equals stronger capability.
  • Easily Search, Share and Capture Knowledge to improve management of your Information Estate.
  • Comprehensive analytics provide insight on how to further improve your organisation’s knowledge across the board.

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