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 Many organisations are now seeking Knowledge Management Solutions that align with their own internal Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policies.  

Knowledge is key to supporting a growing economy and in turn Shareholder value is increased through sustainable practices.

Less power usage = greater savings and a more sustainable, efficient organisation.


Knowledge can be found in many types of documents and formats across a vast information estate.  As such, being able find information quickly and effectively not only saves time but also reduces the amount of energy and processing power required to undertake this process.

KPS understands that being energy efficient is only part of the CSR journey and we work with organisations to understand their needs, which ensure that they have a knowledge management system that is mapped to their requirements and overall business outcomes.  With the KPS Knowledge management system the excellent reporting tools allows you to reduce the amount of information within your knowledge base.

Why would you want to reduce knowledge?

By identifying and reducing the amount of unused materials that you hold with the KPS usage report, you can improve the performance of the knowledge base and thus reduce the storage power required. This not only keeps the knowledge management software system relevant and fresh, you also are able to optimize the performance of the tool and energy utilisation.

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