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The Knowledge Management features of Universal Knowledge provide a wide range of benefits to both the end user and to knowledge managers. Our Knowledge Management tool is a fully fledged comprehensive system that focuses on simplifying processes for internal/external customers and for managerial staff, allowing for simple searching, management and insight into your content. See below for our core and complimentary features.


The powerful proprietary Natural Language Search technology in our knowledgebase tool empowers agents, customers and employees with instant knowledge at their fingertips by asking questions in their own wording significantly reducing the time taken to find answers. Universal Knowledge is able to understand the context of a user’s question and consistently provides accurate and relevant results from across a range of knowledge repositories. Learn More


Effectively managing your information is just as important as search ability. With Universal’s knowledgebase tool, managing your content has never been easier and allows users to access the information they need through following a logical taxonomy structure or navigating dynamic document repositories. Universal’s knowledgebase tool allows knowledge managers to easily manage content, through using our simple content editor with the help of automatic re-validation dates, review and approval workflows and full audit trails into document versions and interactions significantly reducing the time and admin overhead required, to ensure full quality control of your knowledge estate. Learn More


Universal’s knowledgebase tool allows administrators to easily capture user feedback, customer experience, and ‘on-the-fly’ knowledge to keep company knowledge both relevant and current ensuring that the information users provide to customers is consistently accurate and up to date. Our content creation tool along with customisable templates and style sheets, are an easy way to create content in specific formats to be pushed out through the channel of your choice whilst also adhering to your company brand and culture. Using Universal’s knowledgebase tool knowledge can automatically and simultaneously be captured from a range of different repositories across your knowledge estate regardless of format, ensuring effective sharing of your most valuable knowledge. 

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Automatically push notifications and required readings specific to your audience through our notifications portal in our knowledgebase tool to help reduce training times and raise customer awareness of the latest updates all from one portal. With full audit trails on users’ received and read status’, you have full traceability on which users are reading your content which can be used to replace current communication systems and ensures full quality control of content processes and user behaviour. Integrate Universal Knowledge with email clients such as Microsoft Outlook to keep users up to speed on knowledgebase updates. Learn More


Gain full insight into key information in our knowledgebase tool such as knowledge gaps, document significance, document statistics, questions asked and user behaviour. A full understanding of your knowledgebase tools and its content is an easy way to reduce admin overheads and stay on top of content management by identifying and focusing on your weak points. Report dashboards enable you to get a high level overview of your knowledgebase statistics and if you require additional reports, then we can configure fully customised reports for your needs. Learn More

Additional Features

Want to see more of our Knowledge Management features? Universal Knowledge has a number of additional features along with the core Knowledge Management features above with each solution benefiting from each feature differently. Click on the links below to see what our additional Knowledge Management features could do for your organisation. 

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