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What is tacit knowledge?

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Tacit knowledge refers to knowledge that is difficult to articulate, express, or codify in a formal or explicit manner. It is the type of knowledge that is often deeply rooted in an individual’s experiences, skills, intuition, and personal insights. Tacit knowledge contrasts with explicit knowledge, which can be easily documented, written down, and transferred in a formalized way.

A Knowledge Management System (KMS) such as Universal Knowledge can play a crucial role in capturing tacit knowledge within an organization;

Documenting Expertise: Universal Knowledge allows employees to document their expertise, experiences, and insights in various formats. This documentation can include case studies, best practices, lessons learned, and personal anecdotes that showcase how tacit knowledge has been applied successfully.

Collaborative Platforms: Universal Knowledge includes collaborative tools and platforms where employees can share their tacit knowledge in real-time. ThisĀ  include discussion forums where employees can ask questions and receive insights from their peers and experts within the organization. Feedback can be given on content and experts can be formally asked for an answer to a question which can then be captured in a standardized format using inbuilt templates.

Search and Retrieval: Universal Knowledge has robust search capabilities that can help users find tacit knowledge quickly and efficiently.

In summary, a well-designed Knowledge Management System can facilitate the capture of tacit knowledge by providing tools, platforms, and processes that encourage knowledge sharing, collaboration, and documentation among employees. It helps transform implicit knowledge into explicit knowledge that can be accessed and leveraged by others within the organization.



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