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Improving customer service in financial institutions, a way to build trust?

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Can the Financial Service Sector and in particular Banks build customers loyalty and restore the trust we used to have in our financial institutions by increasing their customer services offerings? 

This is one of the questions that we will explore below when looking at the customer service in financial institutions offerings;

Is customer-centric competition better for financial services companies when it comes to earning customer trust?

Customer-centric is the key phrase here.  It’s definitely better if you compete in a customer-centric direction and you treat different customers differently, it requires you to build customer relationships.  You can’t treat different customers differently if you’re not willing to remember customers from transaction to transaction.  Do you know why?  Because customers remember you.  They know what you did in their last interaction with your organisation.  If you think about the basics around a relationship, it involves interactions, it develops a context based on those interactions, and over time successful relationships generate trust.  If you maintain a decent relationship with a customer, then over time you’re going to earn that customers trust and following on from trust, customer loyalty quickly follows.  This is one reason that improvements should be made, and investment sought for customer service in financial institutions and that this should be upheld as a significant area of priority.

Becoming Customer Centric

Having or Improving your Knowledge management strategy can be key a way to becoming a customer-centric organisation, as is an owner at Board level.  Customer services in the financial service sector can also help to restore the trust in these organisations.  Being able to offer a personal service with the importance of interactions between front-line staff and the customer set at the heart of the call centre operations would be a start.  Being able to spend time resolving the customer’s query is more important measure and is ultimately acting in a more customer centric way, than say monitoring how quickly or how many calls the call centre agent can get through.  Customer satisfaction has for a very long time been a bench mark by which the mighty have been judged.  All customers aren’t the same and they like to be treated as individuals, therefore sometimes the issue is about the same or similar  problems and processes and how these should be addressed following some good business intelligence information about why customers are calling.

If an organisation has the capability to produce information on demand about my specific objectives, complaints or situation, then I feel that company understands me and my level of trust with them will increase.  This simply will mean that the organisation is starting to value me as a customer and are able to offer excellent customer services to me as an individual, is that too much to expect from my bank?

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