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Customers are increasingly demanding customer service excellence both before and after sales. Meeting these high level expectations is critical in acquiring new customers and retaining existing ones.

Many challenges face contact centres worldwide many of which can be alleviated using comprehensive contact centre knowledge management solutions to empower your agents with the right information across multiple channels.


Multichannel Consistency and Fluidity

Many of today’s contact centres take a multichannel approach to their customer service operations with the likes of social media, email, chat, community forums and mobile all gaining weight in their significance to the contact centre along with the traditional phone route.

The challenge of today’s evolving technological environment is that response times and the accuracy at which they are delivered, remains consistent and uncompromised regardless of the channel that is chosen by the customer. Core to the delivery of exceptional customer service across multiple channels is a multichannel contact centre knowledge management solution.

KPS contact centre knowledge management solutions have the robust flexibility of sitting at the centre of communications across all channels, and also allows for integrations with a number of systems such as CRM. Such synergies are sure to provide both your customers and your agents with a seamless and greatly enhanced experience.


Reduce the Effects of Attrition and Enhance Agent Excellence

The career of a contact centre agent is typically a short-lived one leading to headache for contact centre managers. Expensive and lengthy training for agents demands high levels of financial and intellectual investment.

With our contact centre knowledge management solutions, training times can be halved by up to 50% with dramatic impacts also seen in agents’ final competency and confidence.

Processes are streamlined and knowledge is centralised into one easy to use portal, empowering the agent with the tools to excel in both productivity and efficacy.


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Our dashboards provide managerial staff and agents with instant visual insight into key contact centre metrics such as questions being asked by agents, outstanding knowledge item actions or liked articles enabling contact centre staff to perform daily tasks as easily and efficiently as possible. 

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Whether the answer is held on a live website, your company intranet or within a lengthy PDF document on a file-share, Universal’s Natural Language Search ensures that our contact centre knowledge management solutions will not only return accurate results but also pinpoint the answer, improving speed to resolution.

Contact centre knowledge management solutions: multichannel


Whether contact is made via the phone, email, chat or social media KPS contact centre knowledge management solutions sit at the core of every channel providing a consistent customer experience regardless of their journey. 



Whether it is a frequently used document or one that is of most importance to an individual, our like function enables agents to personalise the knowledge that they have the fastest access to. Through liking documents agents can easily locate the information they need during the pressure of a customer call.

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Decision Trees

Streamline your processes by generating easy to navigate decision trees guiding your agent and the customer to a successful resolution that dramatically reduces AHTs and improves FCRs. A full audit trail also enables managerial staff to visualize the steps that were taken to achieve your successful resolutions.


Leaderboard Reports

With our leaderboard reports it has never been easier to incentivize agents and encourage successful user adoption. Reward agents based on knowledge contribution or successful resolution rates, to generate healthy competition and increased value of customer service within your contact centre.

Contact centre knowledge management solutions: Self Learning


Universal Knowledge provides a self-learning system that improves with levels of usage. Having the ability to learn from previous user searches, ensures that the correct answer is provided to the agent at the point of need. First time, every time. 



Structuring information into taxonomies enables agents to filter documents according to categories such as client/customer industry, department or area of customer service providing further improvements to the speed of access to information.

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Through using the notifications module agents and managerial staff alike are always kept up to speed with the latest contact centre developments. Automatically push news bulletins and required readings and achieve full traceability of who has both received and read notifications.



KPS contact centre knowledge management solutions, provide contact centre managers with fast access to our out of the box reports to gain valuable insight into their contact centre’s performance. Our comprehensive reports ensure that an intelligent approach can be taken when editing or renewing knowledge.

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Create & Edit

By utilising our simple to use document creation and editing tool, agents and managers have the ability to document lessons learned or successful resolution details making them searchable for future reference. Contact centre staff are also easily able to provide feedback or rework requests, ensuring knowledge is continually refined.

Service desk knowledge management solutions


Leverage essential information and contact centre procedures from multiple repositories, streamlining your processes and providing accessibility from one single portal. Create automatic bulk uploads at intervals of your choice minimising the time and effort required to update and maintain your knowledgebase.

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With our comprehensive set of APIs, call centre managers have the ability to integrate our contact centre knowledge management solutions with a variety of systems such as CRM. By integrating Universal with your CRM application agents have access to the information they need within the CRM, creating a seamless experience

Web self service solutions discussion forum

Discussion Forums

Use discussion forums to develop a network whereby agents can discuss tasks and issues, seek feedback and gain insights. This will not only help new hires get up to speed in their role, it will also help engage all agents through interactions and knowledge-sharing which can positively impact business results.

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