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Knowledge Management Software on G-Cloud

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By joining G-Cloud KPS offers enhanced value for UK Central and Local Government service delivery. The KPS G-Cloud Knowledge Management Software can be used across public sector services such as Health, Emergency Services and Education as well as for IT Service Management delivery across any public and not-for-profit organisation.


G-Cloud is Fully EU Compliant

The KPS G-Cloud solution is EU compliant providing access to knowledge management software at reduced time and cost for implementation and ongoing operation. Investing in improved technology allows public sector organisations to enhance service quality while reducing cost of delivery. With G-Cloud the implementation is simpler and requiring less up-front investment.

G-Cloud for Public Sector, Central and Local Government, Not-For-Profit

The Crown Commercial Service Supplier framework and G-Cloud is available to a wide range of organisations.  Key to the framework is that it will help CSS deliver savings for Government Organisations by identifying and selecting best value solutions. KPS is committed to the framework and to the support of improved service delivery for public sector organisations.

KPS knowledge management software is supporting public sector service delivery working with organisations in Health, Emergency Services, Local Government and Education. Knowledge Base Software enables effective delivery of information based services to internal and external customers and users.

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