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Helping Universities to Save Money and Improve Student Services

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Together with student fees and rising expectations of students, this is prompting the need for universities and further education institutions to deliver a service that caters to prospective and current students needs.

At the same time, universities are now having to explore ways in which their increasingly regulated budgets can stretch to meet these needs whilst ensuring that core areas of delivery are not compromised.

Improve Student Services

The technological era is upon us, with technology providing solutions to many everyday customer service challenges of businesses, with higher education institutions proving to be no exception.

Students and staff are progressively making use of technology to supplement their working lives at university and so expect systems to be in place that seamlessly cater to their requirements, and that most importantly improve the quality of Student Services.

Moreover due to the increased influx of enquiries from not only current students but also prospective students and their parents, universities are finding it increasingly challenging to manage their time effectively meaning that time and money are being spent on areas that could be managed using methods such as self-service that are far more cost effective and time saving.

So what approach can universities undertake to make sure that their students and staff are receiving the service they expect?

This white paper explores how universities across the globe are finding Knowledge Management to be a tool to effectively alleviate issues that are resulting in loss of time and funds, whilst providing a level of service to their members that ensures accurate information is available to them at the click of a button.

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