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Universal Knowledge –
A Multi-Solution Knowledge
Management Product

The KPS Knowledge Management product provides a knowledge management framework that enables you to enhance internal and external customer service standards by providing a fit-for-purpose solution that can be deployed seamlessly across a variety of IT infrastructures.

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Effectively manage your entire knowledge estate with ease and personalise your premium knowledge for each audience, to ensure that the best knowledge is shared without compromising it’s security.

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Manage and Curate Effectively managing your information is just as important as search ability.

Effectively managing your information is just as important as search ability. With KPS’ knowledgebase tool, managing your content has never been easier, allowing users to access the information they need through following a logical taxonomy structure or tailored workspace browse lists. Universal’s knowledgebase tool allows Knowledge Managers to easily manage content, with a simple content editor, automatic re-validation dates, highly configurable review and approval workflows and full audit trails on document revisions, to ensure full quality control of your knowledge estate.

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Knowledge Capture Embedded images and videos will bring your content to life.

Our content creation tool provides an easy way to create content in specific styles and formats, ensuring consistency of style and structure. Embedded images and videos will bring your content to life and sections of information within a single article can be can be restricted to different audiences. Information can also be referenced from external sources, such as file shares and websites, ensuring effective sharing of your most valuable knowledge. Tacit Knowledge can be requested and input through the tool, with workflows to ensure no knowledge gap is left unactioned.

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Shared Automatically push notifications and required readings specific to your audience.

Automatically push notifications and required readings specific to your audience through our notifications portal, helping to reduce training times, ensuring users are fully aware of important information or to raise customer awareness of the latest updates all from one tool. Required reading tasks provide full audit trails to understand who has received and read the information, which can be used to replace current communication systems and ensure full quality control of content processes and user behaviour.

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Reports and Insight A full understanding of your knowledgebase.

Gain full insight into key information in your knowledgebase such as knowledge gaps, document significance, document statistics, questions asked and user behaviour. A full understanding of your knowledgebase and its content is an easy way to reduce administration overheads and stay on top of content management and identify true knowledge gaps. Report dashboards enable you to get a high level overview of your knowledgebase statistics for management reporting, with additional real-time views of document usage and user behaviour available from an administrator’s workspace area.

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Knowledge Management Solution Features

On top of its core components, Universal Knowledge management products have a wide range of features applicable to each solution. Follow the links below to learn more about our comprehensive Knowledge Management product and how its features can help to solve your business issues.

We Help You to Deploy our solution in the way that works best for you.

With a variety of Knowledge Management deployment options available, KPS work towards the most feasible option for our customers. Whether you wish to prioritise the security of your information, or you need something quick and easy to alleviate the already present pressures on your IT department, we will provide a Knowledge Management deployment solution that is suitable for you and your needs. Whichever option you choose, KPS can have your knowledge management system up and running within a matter of days not months allowing your organisation to quickly realise ROI potential.

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Integrate Our Knowledge management product with other software

A comprehensive set of APIs links KPS knowledge management product to your existing systems. This makes information available at the point of need, without needing to open a separate application to access it. By embedding our knowledge management product into your third party applications, you save time and ensure successful adoption. Customers also benefit, because they get the right answers faster. As a result, you both improve the customer experience and reduce operational costs.

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