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The KPS knowledge management news blogs offer guidance, tips and perspectives on how to improve knowledge management in organisations that are supporting large user groups whilst using a diverse range of information sources

Universal knowledge press release

Universal Knowledge V4.4 Press Release

Knowledge Powered Solutions Ltd (KPS), provider of Knowledge Management Software to many Fortune 500 companies today announced a major new release of its software. Functionally rich with an enhanced user interface, that can be easily configured to provide personalised Knowledge Management for staff, customers and clients.

Helping universities to save money and improve student services

Helping Universities to Save Money and Improve Student Services

Over the past 5 years student enrolment figures at universities has seen a dramatic rise. Together with student fees and rising expectations of students, this is prompting the need for universities and further education institutions to deliver a service that caters to prospective and current students needs.

KPS supports sustainability

KPS Support your Sustainability Policy

Many organisations are now seeking Knowledge Management Solutions that align with their own internal Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policies.   Knowledge is key to supporting a growing economy and in turn Shareholder value is increased through sustainable practices. Less power
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Help Yourself – 21st Century Customer Service

As technology develops, a cycle of events is triggered generating more product, more demand, more custom and ultimately more customer service. And the more complex a product is, the higher the likelihood of customers experiencing difficulties consequently supplementing the expanding need for customer service.

Knowledge management within travel leisure industry

Knowledge Management within the Travel and Tourism Industry

With competition ever increasing within a rapidly growing travel and tourism industry, it has become crucial for companies to provide levels of customer service that surpass all previous standards in order to gain the upper hand when securing business from potential holiday makers and travellers.

Shop direct customer testimonial

“How We Help” – Customer Testimonial for KPS Knowledge Management Software

KPS do not just provide knowledge management software, we also provide the planning and implementation consultancy to help our customers go live quickly and effectively. Through the entire process of integrating our solution into existing customer systems, we pride ourselves on building a working relationship in which we can respond to our customers particular needs.

Shop direct customer testimonial

What Can Knowledge Management Software Do For Your Daily Business Activities?

Does your knowledge management system help or hinder day-to-day activities? An inaccessible user interface or out-of-date content may affect your business and it’s ability to perform efficiently. That is what Melissa and her team found on a daily basis before implementing KPS’s Knowledge Management system.

Knowledge Thoughts

What are Knowledge Management Solutions?

The concept of knowledge management was originally conceived by Peter Drucker in the 1950’s who was famously quoted as saying “Information only becomes knowledge in the hands of someone who knows what to do with it”. Since then knowledge management
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microsoft sharepoint and knowledge management systems: 360 feedback

SharePoint – A Choice for Knowledge Management?

Microsoft SharePoint is a common component in IT environments. Often used as a content management and sharing platform SharePoint may be used to capture and share a wide range of information within organisations. Does this make SharePoint a choice for knowledge management?

customer service channels trends and drivers

Customer Service – Which Channels are Trending?

What are the key trends when customers choose service channel? Working with ContactBabel the contract centre research specialist we have collected information about service channel choice by industry segment. It may be no surprise that agent based telephone customer service is still the number one channel used by customers.

Social media knowledge management tools

Social Media and Knowledge Management Tools

Social media use is evolving rapidly. Users include almost any group or customer segment and social media is changing the landscape of customer service at an ever increasing rate. Customers are expecting to engage with organisations through channels of their
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universal knowledge from Knowledge Powered Solutions

Universal Knowledge Enabling Self Service

KPS will be at the IQPC ( International Quality and Productivity Centre ) Executive Customer Contact Exchange conference. The conference focus on sharing of experiences around effective management of contact centres and and delivery of high quality customer service experiences. 
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Serco public health advice graphic

Knowledge Management delivers efficiencies in Public Health Contact Centres

KPS Knowledge Management tool helps Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) operator Serco manage and deliver multiple health related information services within a single contact center operation. The delivery of multiple services meant that agent information support is paramount to delivering quality advice and providing consistent messages to service users.

Crown commercial service supplier

Knowledge Management Software on G-Cloud

KPS has been accepted as Crown Commercial Service (CSS) Supplier and by joining CSS KPS knowledge management software is now available on G-Cloud the UK Government platform for Cloud based delivery of public sector IT solutions. By joining G-Cloud KPS
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Web Self Service User Adoption – Carrot or Stick?

Web based self-service for delivering customer service and technical support is one of the fastest growing areas in service delivery. In addition to the challenges in creating an effective self-service experience, the question often asked is: “What do we have
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knowledge management solutions graphic

Best Software for Knowledge Management

You might ask; “What is the best software for knowledge management?” A flippant answer could be “there is no best software for knowledge management”  A more helpful response would be “It depends on your purpose?” Knowledge management being such a
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Support Desk

IT Service Desk Challenges and Solutions

An interesting statistic: 45% of the US workforce spends 3 or more hours a week just searching for information in the Workplace. When that employee is working in front-line services such as an IT service desk environment, an inability to provide
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24 hour service

24 Hour IT Support at Reduced Costs – Is this Possible?

Like many organisations requiring 24 hour IT support, police forces across the UK are faced with pressure to reduce cost and at the same time concentrate their resources to deliver front line services. Achieving both is challenging.

increasing productivity graphic

Increase Productivity Within Your Organisation

Creating time is obviously impossible but something that we would all love to do, especially when you are up against that deadline!   There are ways that we can all work more efficiently or look to improve our own personal methodologies but when
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Health & Education customer service knowledge management

Service Knowledge Management Interactions in Health & Education?

Service knowledge management helps service agents and self service interactions become effective, timely and conclusive, which in turn reduces optional costs long term and provides better customer service interactions. The key is to address a small number of simple aspects of knowledge management and deliver an integrated approach to the benefit of all.

needle in a haystack graphic

Web Self Service

How can you offer a quick and effective way for your customers, clients, staff and stakeholders to find and share information more readily?  The answer is by introducing web self service – we explore the benefits that this can bring. An Abundance of Information vs.
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Support Desk

What Problems Are Faced by the IT Help Desk?

Urged to do more with less whilst becoming increasingly accountable for the results is forcing IT help desks to reduce costs whilst still putting the customer first and improve their experience

Knowledge Management Perth

IT Service Desk Productivity Enhancement

This article focus on the ways in which IT Service Desk productivity can be enhanced through the implementation of a quality knowledge management solution. This initial post introduces knowledge management solutions and the many benefits as well as the many challenges
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managing organisational data information effectively

Managing Organisational Data & Information Effectively

Do you know how big the mountain of information is in your organisation?  Should some or most of this information be archived or deleted?  The lack of physical evidence of how big the issue may be can also be an issue.  The challenge is to monitor your information mountain effectively! 
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