Web Self Service Solutions

The Challenge of Delivering a 1st Class Web Self - Service Experience

The challenge for any business in today’s fiercely competitive market is to continually enhance its customers’ experience, whilst driving down operational costs.

Providing world class service needs to be consistent across all channels, with more and more customers expecting to be able to self-serve for routine queries, rather than to call or email a contact centre. Enabling customers to find their own answers through web self-service solutions will deliver an enhanced customer experience whilst reducing costs. Enhanced Web Self Service software Solutions key benefits include:

Web Self Service Solutions

Benefits of KPS’ Web Self Service Solutions:

  • Reduced volume of calls to your contact centre: Providing your customers with intuitive web self service solutions ensures that common questions are not escalated to your contact centre.
  • Reduced operational costs: Web self service solutions that prevent inbound enquiries to your contact centre saves you large sums of valuable time. Time = Money
  • Increased consistency of answers: Using our Natural Language Search knowledge base for your web self service solutions ensures that the most accurate answer can be provided all of the time, every time
  • Self-maintaining: Gone are the days of laboriously and manually maintaining static FAQs. Our web self service solutions offer a system in which FAQs are automatically updated whilst providing insight into the most current query topics.
  • Track customer satisfaction: Self service success rates can now easily be tracked through the use of our out of the box reporting tool.
  • Unprecedented levels of customer satisfaction: Providing your customers access to a knowledge base that accurately answers the questions they have, in the manner that they want ensures that every customer, is a happy customer.

Integrate our Web Self Service Solutions Seamlessly with Your Current Systems

Our contact centre, IT support and help desk web self service solutions can be deployed to integrate seamlessly with your website for advanced search and retrieval, automatic FAQ lists, posting of hot topics and automatic escalations of queries with full search history to the contact centre or next relevant channel.

Understanding Your Search Terms

Key to KPS’ web self service software solutions offering is the systems understanding of the question being asked. A number of sophisticated search technologies ensure KPS’s Knowledge Management tool does not rely on simple keyword searching ; customers use their own natural language and the most relevant answers are returned, even if the words in the question are not actually present in the returned solutions.

Knowledge Management Solutions

Knowledge management web self service

KPS Knowledge Management Solutions Users

Web Self Service Solutions

All Your Information, no Matter the Format

Solutions held in the knowledge base can be of multiple formats and from multiple knowledge repositories, from internally held scripted responses to guide users through a series of question and answer prompts to a fragment of a long pdf document from a SharePoint system. Of course controlling access to content is simple but comprehensive.

Capturing the Customer Experience

The web self-service software tool also evolves the more it is used – as feedback is given documents are ranked according to customers’ experiences and, for the greatest end-to-end benefit, a ticket can be automatically generated in your call centre or service desk system whether a customer finds their answer or needs additional support. Recording the transaction history of a user’s search, right down to the specific steps taken through a scripted guide, ensures that agents are better prepared and can provide much better service as the customer moves to assisted service.

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