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Empower your Agents Through Effective Service Desk Solutions

From IT and HR Service Desks to Shared Service Centres, providing an effective and efficient service desk means that agents need to be empowered with the information they need to resolve a wide range of queries.

Agents need to be able to easily search and retrieve answers in addition to drawing on and sharing the experience and expertise of other agents. By integrating KPS’ Knowledge Management tool with your Service Desk, you are able to provide agents with timely access to information from a wide range of knowledge repositories. Both internal and external knowledge sources can be included in the knowledge base. Information held on intranets and file stores, or even a SharePoint system can be searched directly from the knowledge base.


Flexible Content Management

Depending on your information management needs, this information can be migrated into the knowledge base or left in-situ, without compromising the search quality. A comprehensive content management function means internally held information has a full revision history and a review and approval process prior to publication. Integrating the KPS Knowledge Management system with your service desk system empowers first line agents to provide accurate, timely responses to the customer, on first contact. The key improvements that KPS can help deliver are:

  • Improve First Call Resolution (FCR) rates and Reduced Average Handling Times (AHT)
  • Increased Speed to Competency for New Recruits
  • Consistent Responses to Queries, Regardless Agent Experience
  • Increased Agent Satisfaction and Reduced Agent Turnover
  • Savings in Service Desk Operational Costs

Access to all Relevant Information Sources

Multiple content repositories typically hold multiple content formats. From lengthy policy and procedure documents to pages on an intranet, KPS’ Knowledge Management solution has powerful features to ensure that not only will the most relevant documents be retrieved, the most relevant sections of that document will be pushed to the agent. When a user performs a search, the document is opened at the most relevant section, ensuring the agent is able to provide an answer quickly and the customer is better served.

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Pushing Content with Audit Trail

Being able to share information effectively is also key to efficient service delivery. KPS’ Knowledge Management tool provides the ability to push out hot topics and required reading assignments, with a full audit trail to show users have both received and read the information. With automatic FAQ lists and traceability on who has accessed information, the knowledge management tool automates and controls the push of information to your service desk.

KPS Knowledge Management Solutions Users

KPS customers: Serco, Capita, Shop Direct, United Healthcare

Powerful Search and Capture

Agents will no longer have to know where information is stored or how it is written – with a powerful natural language search which understands the context of a question, agents are able to quickly resolve the query or, in the case of no suitable knowledge being available, escalate the query to ‘Experts’. Capturing new knowledge is made simple through templates and quick content creation screens. This new content can then be pushed to all relevant agents, ensuring the effective sharing of information.

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