Knowledge Management

How Knowledge Management Solutions Work

KPS knowledge management solutions comprise of an integrated software solution to facilitate indexing, search and retrieval of information from across many sources.

This enables service agents to work more efficiently when providing help and support. KPS knowledge management solutions also enable web self service delivery and on-line support to large user groups.

  • Can be used Standalone or Integrated.
  • Powered by Natural Language Search & Contextual Search Technology.
  • Self-Learning System: More usage equals stronger capability.
  • Easily Search, Share and Capture Knowledge to improve management of your Information Estate
  • Comprehensive analytics provide insight on how to further improve your organisation’s knowledge across the board
Knowledge Thoughts

Tried and Tested Platform

KPS knowledge management solutions are built on a tried and tested platform, deployed across many industries and applications. Together with our core software, KPS offer implementation support from scoping, planning and deployment to training.

The KPS Knowledge Management Solution

Customer Service Knowledge Management Solutions:

How can your customer service benefit from the KPS Knowledge Management System?

  • Customer Contact Centres – Our Knowledge Management Solution can be deployed within customer contact centres to empower your agents with a knowledge management system that enables them to provide premium customer service. Click here to find out more.
  • Web Self-Service – Save time and resources by creating a seamless interface between our Knowledge Management Solution and your company website to give your customers the answers they want, when they want them. Click here to find out more.

Service Desk Knowledge Management Solutions:

Knowledge at the fingertips of the agent:

  • Service Desk Solution – Empowering your agents with fast access to knowledge from multiple repositories is just one way that Knowledge Management helps to improve your organisation’s services. Click here to find out more.
  • IT Service Desk Solution – Maximise the potential of your ITSM tool investment and automatically link solutions to inbound tickets and transform your first-line support agent into an expert without the need for escalations. Click here to find out more.

Enterprise Knowledge Management Solutions:

Effectively manage knowledge across your organisation and ensure that all who require it have access to the same high quality information. Our system provides powerful analysis on many key and configurable metrics whilst also ensuring that sensitive information cannot be seen by those who are unauthorised to do so. Click here to find out more.

KPS Knowledge Management Solution Users

Knowledge Management

KPS Knowledge Management Solutions Testimonials

“The expert settings make it simple to keep the knowledge base relevant and up-to-date. By giving users the power to notify the right people if an article requires creating or updating, we ensure by-in from the people whom we are trying to reach.” ~ David Muncaster (Network Rail)

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