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Enhance Your IT Service Desk Incident and Problem Handling

Enhancing the incident, problem and change logging functions by providing immediate access to relevant knowledge will improve resolution speed, improve quality, aid adherence to SLA’s and reduce escalations in IT Service Management (ITSM) environments.

KPS’ Knowledge Management Solution is a key enabler in executing your organisation’s core ITSM processes more efficiently. KPS specialise in integrating a high performance easy to use Knowledge Management solution with your ITSM tool. We know that agents need to search for knowledge and resolve incidents all on the same screen.

IT Service Desk Solutions
  • Allows Information to be Shared with Ease.
  • Stronger Workforce Empowered by Information.
  • Information Captured and Stored Quickly and Easily.
  • Provides the Tools Needed for Proper Content Management.
  • Highly Effective and Efficient Solutions for Problems when they do arise.

Linking Solutions and Tickets – Automatically

When a solution is found, the knowledge base will automatically link the solution into the ticket, eliminating the manual capture of resolution details. This ensures accuracy and quality of information in your ITSM tool and provides you with the necessary analysis information to understand the knowledge base usage, success rates and identify knowledge gaps.

Flexible Access to Knowledge

We also know that agents may want to search for information in different ways. KPS’ Knowledge Management System allows you to share important information as Hot Topics or provide automatic FAQ lists. Even search results can be automatically pushed to an agent based on an incident or problem description. By pushing information to the agents the knowledge base becomes a core tool in incident and problem resolution.

Empowering Agents

Empowering your agents with the knowledge they need can only be achieved if multiple repositories of information can be searched at the same time. The resolution information may be held in a previous incident or problem record, a known error, a user guide, a FAQ or even on an external website. KPS’ Knowledge Management System allows you to include information from both internal and external sources, in addition to providing a comprehensive internal content management function.

KPS Knowledge Management Solutions Users

IT Service Desk Solutions

Knowledge Capture Made Easy

Keeping the knowledge base up to date with new information is key to its continued success. KPS’ Knowledge Management Solution will allow you to push a resolution from your incident or problem record direct into the knowledge base so it is available next time a similar issue is raised.

Content Creation Templates

With templates to control structure and presentation and a review and approval process to ensure that only quality information is published, knowledge capture and distribution has never been so easy.

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