Contact Centre Knowledge Management Solutions

Improving Efficiency with Improved Access to Information

Meeting high levels of customer expectations is critical in gaining new customers and retaining existing ones. Improving contact centre efficiency whilst reducing costs is the biggest challenge currently facing the customer service operation.

An effective contact centre Knowledge Management System will ensure that agents are empowered with the right information to provide consistent and personalized customer service.

Contact Centre Knowledge Management Solutions

Shop Direct, one of the UK’s largest online retailers are using KPS’ contact centre Knowledge Management solution to improve their contact centre operations:

Benefits of Contact Centre Knowledge Management:

  • Increased First Call Resolution (FCR) rates: Solve customer queries first time with Natural Language Search. It’s simple, ask the question – get the answer
  • Reduced average handling times (AHT): Agents are able to find the answer to customer queries faster through a knowledge base that provides fast access to the answers they need
  • Increased speed to competency: Incorporate call centre scripts and training materials into the knowledge base to reduce the time taken to get up to speed
  • Capture and transfer invaluable tacit knowledge: Information and knowledge transfer from experienced team leaders and managers can be pivotal to ensuring that premium customer service is maintained, regardless of agent experience

Whether the answer is held on a website, an intranet or a PDF document on a file-share, KPS’ powerful Natural Language Search will not only find the right document but will highlight the area of the document where the answer can be found.

Integrate with CRM

With a comprehensive and flexible set of APIs our contact centre Knowledge Management solution can integrate with existing systems such as CRM. Through avoiding the need to interchange between applications, agents have fast access to the knowledge they require at the point of need, reducing AHTs and ensuring successful user adoption.

Notify Agents of Latest Promotions

Keeping your contact centre agents in the loop could not be more important when trying to gain new business. By automatically notifying agents of updates offers at customisable time intervals, they are always on top of your latest sales offers. Audit trails of who has received and read offers can be produced, to ensure that everyone is in the know.

Multi-Channel Support

Whether customers are reaching out via Twitter, web self-service or on the phone, a contact centre Knowledge Management system that can be accessed by multiple channels to process and push information relevant channel appropriate knowledge is a powerful tool.

KPS Knowledge Management Solutions Users

Contact Centre Knowledge Management Solutions

Personalized Knowledge

Being able to personalize access to knowledge is also key to delivering enhanced customer service. Whether it is an agent being provided direct links to new information in their desktop system or a customer being notified of an issue, product or service which is directly relevant to them, a contact centre Knowledge Management system provides the tools to push out important information, with an audit trail of who has both received and read this information. KPS’ Knowledge Management Solution provides agents with the right tools and the right information to provide the high level of service customers expect today.

Capturing the Customer Journey

By implementing KPS’ Knowledge Management tool, it is possible to capture a customer’s search history if they began their journey using web self-help. With the ability to create decision tree based content, with easy on-screen prompts effortlessly directing users to the answer they are searching for, customers are better served, even if they need additional support. An agent who has visibility of the steps taken so far will be able to provide an enhanced level of support and be better prepared if the customer then moves to assisted service.

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