Universal Knowledge is effective either standalone or integrated, but you may be asking yourself ‘What benefits do I get from a Knowledge Management integration?’ The answer – simplicity. When undergoing a Knowledge Management integration with your current systems, the benefits of your current systems and the KPS Knowledge Management solution are reaped all from one seamless user interface whilst following processes that are already in place to encourage user adoption.

Knowledge Management Integration

Integrate our fully fledged Knowledge Management solution with a number of your current systems, including CRM, ITSM, Help Desk applications, company websites or social media platforms and gain further value from your IT infrastructure investment.

Knowledge management integration
Knowledge management integration with ITSM tools


Our comprehensive APIs allow you to integrate Universal Knowledge  with your ITSM tool to enhance incident, problem and change resolutions. This is done through allowing agents instant access to their solution within your ITSM portal reducing escalations and boosting the ease of resolving tickets. Not only does this make life easier for your agents, but also vastly improves the rate of resolution and enhances SLA adherence ensuring that your customer service puts the customer first. A Knowledge Management integration also allows for an easy solution to provide agents with tiered access to information. Agents only see the information that is pertinent to them adding extra layers to your information security. 

Help Desk 

Draw from, and share experience and knowledge from your best and most senior agents with your front-line support agents. A Knowledge Management integration with your help desk or ticketing application empowers agents to be able to solve tickets using  your best knowledge from a range of different repositories and all from your third party help desk application. By ensuring that all interactions occur within the same portal, it has never been easier for agents to provide consistently fast and accurate answers that are sure to enhance customer satisfaction.  

Knowledge management integration with help desk tools
knowledge management systems with CRM integration


CRM systems are ideal for storing customer information and notes, but what happens when questions need answers and furthermore what happens when questions and answers need storing? In the heat of a situation such as a customer call, agents are required to answer a question whilst recording case details. A Knowledge Management integration with your CRM tool, allows bi-directional functionality by automatically inserting solution into a CRM case as well as having the ability to add case solutions to the knowledgebase. This takes a load off the agent’s shoulders and allows them to focus on what is important – customer engagement.

Websites and Self-Service Portals 

With Universal Knowledge, it is simple to perform a Knowledge Management integration with your company website and web self-service portal. Implant Universal Knowledge within your website or self-service portal and provide customers with a premium standard 24/7 x 365 customer service whilst maintaining your corporate branding and website design. With our mobile optimised Knowledge Management solution customers can find answers to their questions whenever and wherever they are.

knowledge management web integration
Knowledge management integration with social media

Social Media  

A full Knowledge Management integration of Universal Knowledge with social media allows you to optimise content specific to the social channel via which it is to be delivered. Through the use of our template creator knowledge can be pushed to your customers via social media, whilst ensuring that you retain full control over what content is viewable within each channel. Index content from forums or sites such as twitter and make it searchable within the knowledgebase preserving the ability to access all your content from one central repository.


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