Knowledge Capture

Content authoring and system maintenance is easy and time effective, with a built in workflow for quality control.

Capturing Knowledge from Many Sources and Formats

The KPS knowledge management system allows information in a vast array of formats to be included in the knowledge base. Whether searching Office or PDF documents on a fileshare, or information on a corporate website or intranet, KPS knowledge management software simply points to where the information is and, with one click, indexes the required information into the knowledge base.

Identifying Gaps and Maintaining the Knowledge Base

Intelligent knowledge gap reports are available, guiding the subject matter expert towards the areas where additional knowledge will have the most impact. With minimal maintenance overheads, you can focus time and resources where it matters most – on the creation of knowledge that will have the strongest impact and be of greatest use.

Securing Your Knowledge

A comprehensive but simple security model means that information can be made available where it is required. A configurable taxonomy structure provides the framework for organising information, applying the required security and optimising the search. With simple point and click configuration, your company’s information can be organised into a structure that makes sense for you.

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