Getting the right information to the right people

Push Information to Users

The system allows you to push information to end users, customers and stake holders, keeping everyone fully informed about news and changes. These ‘Hot Topics’ can be displayed to users as soon as they access the knowledge base, ensuring that important information does not go unseen.

Dynamically-Created ‘Frequently Offered Solutions’

A system-generated list of ‘Top Documents’ helps people find the right information quickly. Taken from the documents used most widely to resolve searches, this list can be displayed both to agents and on a self service portal. The list is constantly updated by the knowledge base, based on actual usage. An individual set of solutions is also available for the agents or self service users. This makes manual FAQs a thing of the past, reduces maintenance needs, and ensures the most up-to-date information is always seen.

Required Reading

You can easily track what information has been sent to and read by your help desk agents and customer service staff using the ‘Required Reading’ feature. You may have important information for a new campaign, a new policy that needs to be read, or a critical update that must be shared. A simple dashboard display tells you who has read what information.

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