Insight – Keeping the Knowledge Base Relevant

Knowledge Base Success

Comprehensive out-of-the-box reporting identifies user behaviour, document usage, search success rates and knowledge gaps. You can also customise reports to extract additional details for both knowledge management and wider business intelligence purposes. This ability to measure the success of the knowledge base is vital, as it allows you to make improvements as needed and be confident you are making the most of the potential for productivity and customer service gains.

Tracking User Behaviour

Individual user success rates, search history and knowledge contributions can all be tracked through a number of standard reports, allowing training needs to be quickly identified. Additional reports show you which documents are most widely used to answer queries, giving you the opportunity to identify and reward the authors and so motivate people to contribute further quality content.

Understanding Document Usage

By understanding which documents are most often used to resolve knowledge base searches, you can target maintenance efforts on the most appropriate documents. A number of our customers have told us this has saved them vast amounts of time, and reduced the audit burden on infrequently used, unused, old or redundant information.

Identifying Knowledge Gaps

Not every unresolved question represents a knowledge gap. Perhaps the user hasn’t selected a document as a solution to their query, or documents have been added subsequently. The software provides an intelligent knowledge gap report, which groups together similar unresolved questions, compares them against the currently available knowledge base documents, and provides insight into the probability of a knowledge gap existing. This gives a true picture of the relevancy of the knowledge base information at any point in time, and cuts down on the time needed for maintenance.

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