Providing the tools to ensure up to date information

Knowledge Creation

With the KPS Knowledge Management System, information can be captured from applications, websites, and shared documents along with the capability to input content directly into the system. This makes for a powerful knowledge creation tool, ensuring that information is not hidden away or lost but can be accessed by everyone who needs it.

Leverage Your Existing Knowledge Base

From Day One, you start to leverage your existing information assets. Without the need to migrate or rework content in any way, the system searches multiple knowledge sources, indexing and listing as it goes. Office, PDF and html content can be included as standard, allowing people within your organisation to find and share information more effectively.

Inbuilt Content Creation Tools

An inbuilt editor allows you to create, amend and approve content, providing you with a full audit trail of previous versions. Templates and stylesheets can be created to make the authoring process as simple as possible for the user. External links can appear in the document, and pictures and videos can be embedded or attached within knowledge items.

Many customers also take advantage of a feature that allows those with the relevant permissions to edit and amend documents from directly within the search results display. This means that staff can handle quick edits and document reviews instantly if information has been flagged for re-work, is out of date or has passed its revalidation time line.

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