Knowledge Management Features for Social Media

Social Media Support

Social media is changing the landscape of customer service at an ever increasing rate. Customers expect to both engage with organisations and to self-serve through multiple channels, such as Web, Twitter, and Facebook.

Channel Specific Content

KPS’ Knowledge Management tool can optimise content for delivery via multiple channels. Templates provide the ability to define knowledge sources for each delivery channel, which can then be pushed to customers and users in the appropriate format for the channel. Providing access to knowledge via social media sites such as Facebook can be easily achieved, while retaining full control over which content can be viewed via each channel.

Searching Social Media Content

KPS’ Knowledge Management software also provides the ability to index and present content from external sources of information; Forums, Websites or social media sites such as Twitter. This content can be searched and presented as part of the overall knowledge base. Our configurable automatic index processes ensures any appropriate new information posted on these channels will be included as searchable knowledge.

Invest in Social Media Ready Tools

As the popularity of social media continues to rise, we ensure the Knowledge Management investment provides the tools to authenticate new content to make sure it is fit for purpose for each customer engagement channels. Our tools integrate seamlessly with customer service desk applications to push knowledge where and when it is needed.

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