Making use of natural language search means you can find the answers with your own words

Natural Language Search

KPS software uses natural language search, which allows users to ask questions in the way they would normally talk to someone, rather than by typing in keywords. Documents are often written in formal terms which does not reflect the language used when asking a question. Often you know what your issue is but not how the issue or solution will be phrased. Using the KPS Knowledge Management System, staff, partners and customers can describe the issue, problem or query in their own way and enter the phrase directly into the search box. This is one of the key features that means the system is able to use your existing document set and your own corporate wording from day one.


The more the knowledge management system is used, the better it gets. Knowledge is not static; it is a continually evolving set of collective experiences, documents and thoughts. KPS software captures this constantly changing flow of information through unique self-learning technology, which continuously enriches the index with the actual phrasing used in questions. This is in addition to the ‘Day One’ indexing, which understands and automatically creates key words and patterns for each document, removing the need for manual meta tagging of content.

Multi-Lingual Index and Search

International customers can take advantage of support for content in 10 European languages, and can view documents in alternative languages at the click of a button.

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