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Features that support effective knowledge management across organisations

Quick to Deploy – Implemented in Days… Not Months

The KPS knowledge management solution is designed to ensure rapid and effective deployment and immediate use of the knowledge management solution. The KPS team has extensive experience in design, configuration and deployment across a wide range of industries and applications. KPS knowledge management services support deployment and ongoing use of the KPS knowledge management software.

Easy to Integrate – Gather Knowledge… From any Source

KPS knowledge management software leverage existing knowledge sources without the need to move or duplicate information. We can access many information sources including: Shared files, Word, PDF, HTML, Intranet and External Web based information. Our automatic index process determines patterns/concepts within document sets, and automatically extracts the keywords, vastly reducing set-up time and maintenance.

Simple to Use – Find What You Need… Using Your Own Words

Documentation and information is often written in formal terms which does not reflect the language used when asking a question. KPS software uses natural language search, which allows users to ask questions in the way they would normally talk to someone, rather than by typing in keywords.

Easy to Maintain – Tools for the Job… At Your Fingertips

KPS knowledge management software features simple work flows for adding, editing and publishing content. Pre-defined work flows save time and increase productivity when managing the knowledge base. Built-in guides makes maintenance easy. The system provides taxonomy rules for indexing and displaying content alongside defined user profiles for controlling access to the most relevant information.

Enhancing Self – Service – Access to Knowledge… Any Time

KPS’s Knowledge Management Solution can be deployed to integrate seamlessly with your website for advanced search and retrieval. Features include automatic FAQ lists, posting of hot topics and automatic escalations of queries with full search history to the contact centre or next relevant channel.

Social Media Ready – Integration… Any Channel, Anywhere

KPS’ Knowledge Management tool can optimise content for delivery via multiple channels. Templates provide the ability to define knowledge sources for each delivery channel.

Content can then be pushed to customers and users in the appropriate format for the channel. Access to knowledge via social media sites can be easily achieved, while retaining full control over which content can be viewed via each channel.

These are just some of the features of the KPS knowledge management solutions. To learn how our solutions enable knowledge management and distribution please visit our knowledge management solutions pages

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