Employee Knowledge Sharing Solutions

Employee Knowledge Sharing Solutions Benefits

  • Create a Knowledge Sharing Culture: By capturing and sharing the relevant information between and within departments, our internal knowledge management solutions offer a more effective approach to decision making and accelerating company growth
  • Increased Employee Productivity: Less time searching, more time working. Through self-service employees at every level can self-serve their questions and have fast access to the information they need
  • Reduced Knowledge Loss: Transfer invaluable tacit knowledge from experienced employees and make it available to those who need it before or after they leave, effectively leveraging your intellectual capital
  • Enhanced Relations with Customers and Partners: By allowing customers and partners to self-serve their questions around your products and services, significant savings of both time and money are made providing a convenient solution for all that are involved
  • Improved Employee Engagement: Enable employees to provide feedback and suggestions for content editing within the knowledgebase allowing for increased engagement and refined knowledge
  • One Version of the Truth: Eliminate the possibility of duplicate document circulation and appropriately evaluate content prior to any changes or publications



Pyramid of internal knowledge to highlight how KPS internal knowledge management solutions benefit large organisations

Internal Knowledge Management Customers 


Within large multi-departmental organisations information that is pivotal to an organisation’s day-to-day operations can often reside within multiple repositories, on multiple systems or simply in the minds of the organisation’s most valuable asset – the employees.

Universal’s internal knowledge management solutions enable organisations to store, create and maintain their knowledge all within one easily accessible knowledge portal. Universal also provides organisations with the ability to effectively share this knowledge amongst employees, be it through pushing the most relevant information to them or via self-service, knowledge is always instantly available at the fingertips of those who need it.


Streamline your Information Estate

Within large organisations and across multiple departments information can become lost amongst a number of disparate repositories. Whether it is a shared drive, local intranet or a SharePoint repository, this widespread information can sometimes be near impossible to locate.

With Universal Knowledge, internal knowledge management processes and multiple repositories are streamlined into one easy to use and accessible knowledge portal, allowing employees to access and share information effortlessly on a daily basis.


Self-Serve to Boost Organisational Efficiency and External Relations

Whenever and wherever a question may arise, it is a pointless and counter-productive task to chase down those who may hold the answers and by doing so countless hours of company time is wasted on a daily basis.

By allowing employees to self-serve using Universal Knowledge, employees have the answers they need at their fingertips ensuring that productivity levels remain at the optimum level.

Questions may not always originate internally but externally from customers or business partners that may require costly meetings to resolve. By pushing specific information or through allowing customers and partners to also self-serve questions via multiple channels, essential information is available to them at the point of need, placing your company ahead of the competition.


search function


Our effective internal knowledge management solutions enable employees to ask a question whenever it may arise, and the system will understand the context of the query, and provide relevant and accurate results whilst pinpointing the answer. Natural Language Search empowers employees with knowledge and eliminates time wasting.

Web self service solutions discussion forum

Discussion Forums

Empower employees to have the ability to provide feedback and collaborate in an unstructured or informal way through the use of discussion forums. Collaborative tools empower employees to engage with one another across the enterprise.  Though a dedicated knowledge management forum knowledge authors and knowledge consumers can share ideas, learn from social interactions and transfer expertise and experience to one another.




Allow your most experienced and skilled employees to document their tacit knowledge and lessons learned with our easy to use content creation tool. By making the experiences of your most valued employees searchable, every employee has the chance to excel and ensures that valuable knowledge never leaves your organisation.

Service desk knowledge management solutions


Whether information lies within multiple shared drives, SharePoint, a local intranet or even a live website, Universal Knowledge has the ability to point to and leverage your multiple repositories, allowing you to leave them in-situ and dramatically speeding up the deployment process.

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With our comprehensive set of APIs, integrate KPS internal knowledge management solutions with a number of your companies systems. From service desk tools to CRM applications, Universal Knowledge ensures that employees have the ability to access knowledge in the most seamless and efficient manner.



Push channel-specific information to specific user groups to increase awareness of your most valuable information. Post required readings, training essentials, FAQs or generic updates using our notifications module to ensure that knowledge can be easily consumed across multiple departments.

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Review & Approval

Select a team of your finest and most knowledgeable knowledge authors and delegate a review and approval process that ensures that only one, highly refined version of the truth is in circulation. By providing access to a full audit trail of all content, authors are instantaneously able to access full content history.



With our comprehensive set of full audit trails, managerial or admin staff have access to the full history of their content, including; version history, rework requests, notification received and read status providing staff with high levels of content traceability.



Logically structure your information into taxonomies with KPS internal knowledge management solutions. Create an easy to navigate path to information whilst maintaining it’s security, and significantly reduce the time taken to access information, for employees at every level.

Contact centre knowledge management solutions: Self Learning


Our intelligent self-learning internal knowledge management solutions ensures that the accuracy of your knowledgebase improves with levels of usage. Every search is a learning curve and one that ensures that the knowledgebase is guaranteed to provide the most relevant result to employees after every question.



Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your information enables you to prioritise and optimise the time that is spent refining it. Gain access to reports that analyse document significance, knowledge gaps and user contribution allowing you to improve to gain deep insight into your knowledgebase and employee usage.


Ask the Expert

Can’t find the answer you are looking for? With our internal knowledge management solutions no question remains unanswered. Allow employees to route unresolved queries to subject matter experts and index the resolution to eliminate the chance of a recurring problem. 

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Due to the robustness and flexibility of Universal Knowledge, your organisation has the ability to up-scale your knowledgebase and roll out across a number of departments or to external facing audiences such as customers or partners.

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Knowledgebase branding, content templates and stylesheets or automatic revalidation/expiration dates, through deploying KPS internal knowledge management solutions, manage your knowledgebase easily and effectively whilst personalising it according to your brand or requirements.



Bring your knowledgebase to life with Universal Knowledge dashboards and provide employees with instant access to the most important and relevant data, in a way that breaks your knowledgebase into easily digestible chunks. 

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