White Paper Download – Knowledge Management in Travel and Tourism Industry

Global-Knowledge-Management-Soloution-300x300For years the Travel and Tourism industry has been moving towards online solutions, allowing potential holiday makers to find and book their travel quicker and easier. However, as the industry becomes more competitive, companies have had to find different ways to set them selves apart. Customer service is a big factor for customers when deciding who to book with.

Those organisations who find ways to integrate on-line and direct service interactions are able to deliver better service with improved sales conversions. Download our white paper and learn more about how to address these and other challenges the travel industry face learn and how Knowledge Management Software can provide solutions:

  • Integration of Self Service and Agent Contact
  • Matching customer issues to solutions quicker and more effectively
  • Resolving post-sales questions with self-service to allow agents to maximize pre-sales profit.
  • Managing Agent Information Replacement and Training


What is Knowledge Management?

Knowledge Management is a tool for indexing all of an organisation’s information and placing it at the finger tips of the users who need it. With the user of Natural Language Search users, both agents and customers, can access exactly what they need without having to comb through PDFs and documents. This system is then kept up to date quickly and easily as information changes within the organisation.

What can Natural Language Search accomplish?

With the organisations information identified our Knowledge Management solution then provides users with an easy-to-use interface to access it. A user simply asks the question in their own word and then gets the answer they need. Furthermore the system will recognize frequently asked question, allowing it to prioritize answers based on the frequency with which the information is accessed. All in all, this provides users with a powerful tool to enhance customer service.

Web self service users

How will Knowledge Management Fit in with Our Existing Systems?

Our Knowledge Management system provides a powerful tool with instant results. It does not require additional data, just your existing information pool and requires little to no training for experienced agents. Combining both your existing CRM system with Knowledge Management means you can track customer engagement ensuring you are both on the same page regardless of sale cycle stage. Now previously irate customers can be handled properly.

Agent Training

Difficulties and complications can happen at any time, from airline services to tailor-made
getaways. Keeping on top of these issues is vital to driving sales conversions and maintaining excellent customer service. However, scheduling training around unpredictable call volumes is difficult and can lead to agents being uninformed and under prepared. Knowledge Management addresses this using notifications allowing information to be pushed to where it is needed. Team leaders and management can be sure this information is read by use of Received and Read Feedback, giving confirmation that agents are up-to-date.

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