Achieve better outcomes for Multi-Service Contact Centre Agents

Achieve better outcomes for Multi-Service Contact Centre Agents

Gain access to information, fast and efficiently with Universal Knowledge, knowledge base.


An effective and efficient Contact Centre requires a knowledge base to sits at the heart of its operations.  If quality and service are amongst your key priorities for this year, then you will learn from this downloadable case study why a multi-service contact centre chose Universal Knowledge, Knowledge management software to drive its operational efficiencies. 

Using Universal Knowledge within your  Contact Centre will;

  • Improve quality and consistency of answers given to clients
  • Increase First Contact Resolution (FCR)
  • Increase Speed to Competence
  • Reduce Average Handle Time (AHT)
  • Reduce Total Handle Time (THT) and
  • Reduce call abandonment rates.

Any organisation that has a knowledge management strategy closely aligned to their overall strategic aims will create a successful knowledge management project.  With Universal Knowledge, sub second natural language searches underpinned with fragment technology ensures that multi-site contact centre Agents can gain access to the knowledge they need, at the point they need it.     

Universal Knowledge, from Knowledge Powered Solutions, is a scalable and feature rich solution for improving information access across your Contact Centres, information estate.  It provides insights to why clients and customers are contacting you and allows Agents to provide high quality answers to their questions and queries.  

KPS have been helping Contact Centres to deliver exceptional customer service for over 14 years.  Start today, by learning about how a knowledge base will improve your Multi-site Contact Centre case study…