Download Case Study – Knowledge Management in Public Health Contact Centres

Serco public health advice graphic

Highly trained staff delivering complex public health related information differs to what you would expect to find in a “typical” call centre. Advisers are required to deal with complex queries from citizens who require tailored and bespoke information and advice . This case study explores how advisers have been empowered through ready access to relevant information from diverse sources . The case study explains:

  • The importance of supporting advisers through effective information access
  • Why a knowledge management solution is a key component of the solution
  • How the solution was implemented for maximum impact



KPS Knowledge Management Software users include:

Serco, capita, UnitedHealthCare

Learn how our customers are using Knowledge Management Software to improve service and efficiency:

  • Improving productivity and efficiency in a matter of days
  • Gaining access to information quickly and efficiently for daily tasks
  • Sharing information more effectively with Stakeholders in a secure environment
  • Obtaining insights through reporting features from user behaviour for staff and customers alike.
  • KPS knowledge management software is used as the core solution for enhancing service quality and delivery efficiency in Public Sector Knowledge Management, Public Health Knowledge Management, Service Desk Knowledge Management and Web Self Service Knowledge Management. Regardless of sector, knowledge source and format, a KPS knowledge management solution is quick to deploy and easy to maintain. Download our case study on public sector health contact centre knowledge management to learn more.