Data Migration, Why Do This In The First Place?

no-data-migration-150x150We have recently been asked by a number of customers and clients if we can talk a little more about how we can reduce the need for Data Migration. 

Perhaps its unnecessary to describe the advantages of not having to migrate your data. Sometimes there is a need to do this at all. But what steps can you take for that 

WIN – WIN Situation,

Where you can  save time, effort, money, manpower and resources… While creating much enhanced access to your organisations information?

Data Migration

Data migration can be performed at a time when organisations undergo a redesign of their system, or are going through a merger or takeover.  Often the migration happens to free up human resources by reducing mundane tasks.  However, there is another option, one that can be quickly deployed, significantly reduces costs and still helps the organisation build on what it already has.

Solutions for Data Migration & Time Saving Applications

The answer is Universal Knowledge, quick to deploy, cost effective and can fit within any CMS / CRM system, call handling and other applications.  Universal Knowledge is able to create knowledge bases by indexing an organization’s documents, created in Microsoft Office, Acrobat and HTML formats.  These documents may be located externally (intranet, web site or shared folder) or held and managed internally by Universal Knowledge’s Content and Document Management capabilities.  Users are granted access to appropriate knowledge bases, and given a security classification that controls the documents they can see within a knowledge base.

Ultimately, all of this means that you can leave your data where it is, but ensure that it is fully accessible, not only that you can even add to what you already have through Knowledge Powered Solution’s editing and revision features.