Service Desks

Service desks and service agents require ready access to relevant information. Knowledge management tools facilitate this through indexing information from many diverse sources and presenting this through natural language search.

24 hour service

24 Hour IT Support at Reduced Costs – Is this Possible?

Like many organisations requiring 24 hour IT support, police forces across the UK are faced with pressure to reduce cost and at the same time concentrate their resources to deliver front line services. Achieving both is challenging.

Health & Education customer service knowledge management

Service Knowledge Management Interactions in Health & Education?

Service knowledge management helps service agents and self service interactions become effective, timely and conclusive, which in turn reduces optional costs long term and provides better customer service interactions. The key is to address a small number of simple aspects of knowledge management and deliver an integrated approach to the benefit of all.

Support Desk

What Problems Are Faced by the IT Help Desk?

Urged to do more with less whilst becoming increasingly accountable for the results is forcing IT help desks to reduce costs whilst still putting the customer first and improve their experience

Knowledge Management Perth

IT Service Desk Productivity Enhancement

This article focus on the ways in which IT Service Desk productivity can be enhanced through the implementation of a quality knowledge management solution. This initial post introduces knowledge management solutions and the many benefits as well as the many challenges
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